Android 11 for Android TV will run on Sabrina TV Dongle


The first developers are just beginning testing the new version of Android, exactly Android 11 for Android TV. In addition to the first look at the changes that the new version will bring, the system includes references to the new successor of Chromecast, the new Google TV Dongle called Sabrina, and the launch of the Google Stadia gaming platform on TVs.

Android 11

Android 11 for Android TV reveals the existence of the new Sabrina Android TV Google and the start of Google Stadia

Google announced that Android 11 will introduce “many features to improve TV security, performance, availability, and connectivity” to TVs. Currently, the demo version is only available on devices entrusted to developers who take its tests. The system is to be more widely available at the end of 2020 or in 2021.


Android fans have reached a document that reveals the introduction of the Google Stadia service dedicated to TV sets. This would be great news for those who would like to play games directly on their TVs.

Sabrina TV Donge

In addition, in the code and files of Android 11, once again references to the new Google TV Dongle (successor to Chromecast Ultra), called Sabrina, were noticed. 

The above reboot video verifies the previous announcement of Google Sabrina, and the video shows that it has the same shape and has the same Google “G” logo.

Google Sabrina Android TV Dongle

The heart of  Google Sabrina is to be a processor from Amlogic, probably Amlogic S905Y2 chipset (dedicated SoC for TV Dongle). It also has support for all video and audio formats, including Dolby Vision. You can find more details in the previous article: Google Sabrina with Android TV 11 – Some Details

It is possible that this device will debut with the new Android 11 TV OS, but at the same time, you have to remember that on the vast majority of TV sets, including from manufacturers such as Sony, Philips or TCL, even Android version 10 did not appear.


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