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CHuwi GBox Mini PC

Chuwi GBox Gemini Lake Mini PC now for $179.99 (Promo)

If you are looking for a new Mini PC with good specifications or want to change your old desktop PC for something newer, then you should be interested in Gemini Lake Mini PC from Chuwi called Chuwi GBox Mini PC. This Mini PC has been


$200 MeLE PCG35 GLK Fanless Mini PC powered by Intel Gemini Lake

Most of you probably associate MeLE company, and a Mini PC called MeLE PCG35 Apo (with Apollo Lake processor). The MeLE company sells another installment of this fanless Mini PC, this time called MeLE PCG35 GLK powered by Intel Gemini Lake processor, and delicate changes

Beelink Kaby Gaming Mini PC

Beelink Kaby Gaming Mini PC: Kaby G7 and Kaby G5 (Promo)

On August 12, we wrote about new Gaming Mini PCs from Beelink called Beelink Kaby G5 and Beelink Kaby G7. These new Mini Gaming PCs are barebones mini PCs, so any user can use the preferred components such as memory, storage, and OS. On Gearbest