• Review UGOOS AM7 S905X4 Android 11 TV Box

    UGOOS AM7 Review: Android 11 TV Box supports 4K AV1 decoding

    We’re already after testing, so today, we would like to show you the UGOOS AM7 review. As you know UGOOS AM7 is the first Android TV Box in the UGOOS portfolio powered by the latest Amlogic S905X4 SoC supporting 4K AV1 decoding. Also check out the MECOOL KM6 Classic S905X4…

  • MECOOL KM2 review

    MECOOL KM2 Review: First MECOOL’s Netflix 4K Certified TV Box

    We’re already after testing the first MECOOL’s Netflix 4K certified Android TV streaming device called MECOOL KM2. So here’s the MECOOL KM2 review. Surely you could have found the statement MECOOL KM2 killer (tamer) Mi Box / Mi Box S TV Box. Of course, such a statement is correct. However,…

  • Beelink GKmini review

    Beelink GKmini Review: Another good Mini PC for Home / Office

    We had the opportunity to test the Beelink GKmini Mini PC, so today we can show you the Beelink GKmini review. As you know, on the market you can find a lot of Mini PCs equipped with Intel Celeron J4215 processor, including GMK NucBox, Chuwi LarkBox Pro, MeLe Quieter2, and more. Even…

  • MECOOL NOW review

    MECOOL NOW Review: How to Turn Your TV into “True” Smart TV

    We’re already after testing the first Android TV streaming device built-in FHD video calling camera from MECOOL Brand called MECOOL NOW (KA2). So here’s the MECOOL NOW review. As we wrote in the subject of the review – How to turn your TV into a “true” Smart TV, the answer…

  • Beelink Expand X

    Beelink Expand X review: Useful gadget for turning your phone into a PC

    We are after testing the first Beelink’s gadget called Beelink Expand X. If you want to use your smartphone on a big screen like a computer, be sure to read the Beelink Expand X review. Below you will find our impressions of using the Expand X USB docking station. Availability…

  • Dreame T10 review

    Dreame T10 Review: Perfect Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

    We’re already after testing the cordless vacuum cleaner from the Dreame brand called Dreame T10 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, so today, we would like to show you the Dreame T10 review. Surely the thought of a vacuum cleaner and vacuuming comes to most of you only as a last resort. So…

  • Zeblaze Ares Review

    Zeblaze Ares Review: Budget Retro Smartwatch

    We are after testing the smartwatch in the currently popular retro design called Zeblaze Ares. Therefore, we encourage you to read the Zeblaze Ares review. Compared to the Kospet Rock, the Zeblaze Ares smartwatch has a more “retro design”. But is it better? below we have important information to help…

  • Beelink SEi10 Review

    Beelink SEi10 (i3-10110U) Review: Comet Lake Mini PC for Home / Office

    We had the opportunity to test the Beelink SEi10 Mini PC powered by Comet Lake i3-10110U processor, so today we can show you the Beelink SEi10 review. The Beelink portfolio includes two SEi10 Mini PC with processors, namely Intel® Comet Lake i3-10110U and Intel® Coffee Lake i5-8259U, as well as in…

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