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H96 PRO H3 TV Dongle Review

Today we want to show you a review, not Android TV Box, but Android TV Dongle called H96 PRO H3 powered by Amlogic S905X. How TV Stick fell in the tests you will find in the PRO H96 H3 review. Together we follow the standard stages of

MPOW D6 smartband review

MPOW D6 (DS-D6) Review: Great Budget Smartband

On the market, there are many different smartbands from different vendors. There is a lot to choose from, but which smartband to choose? Perhaps after this review, you will decide on this smartband, or not 🙂 That’s why today we want to show you the

Eken H9s review

EKEN H9s 4K Action Camera Review (Video and Photo Samples)

We are after the test EKEN H9s 4K action camera with Live Streaming feature, so today we want to show you the EKEN H9s 4K action camera review. Is EKEN H9s is worth recommending? Everything you find in this review, we encourage you to read the EKEN H9s 4K action camera review.

DA149 Review

dodocool DA149 Review: Hi-Resolution Rechargeable Wireless Speaker

Today, we would like to show you the dodocool DA149 Hi-Resolution Rechargeable Wireless Speaker review. DA149 is one of the new speakers that catches the eye with its design (most in red). Of course, the visual advantages of this one, also counts and sound, which in dodocool DA149 is

Dodocool DA143 Review: Great Wireless Stereo Sports In-Ear Headphone

We had the opportunity to test several products from dodocool. One thing we can tell you are doing really great devices and accessories. Today, we would like to show you the Dodocool DA143 Wireless In-ear Earphones with Secure Hooks review. Headphones will surely appeal to people practicing