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Category Archives: Smartwatch

ELE Band 5 smartband

New Elephone ELE Band 5 Smartband (Promo)

The Elephone is a well-known brand of smartphones, but not only in its portfolio has various devices, including action cameras. Recently, Elephone brand is launching a new smartband called Elephone ELE Band 5. ELE Band 5 Smartband is now available at Gearbest at a promotional price of $18.99

Amazfit Smartwatch 2

$198.99 Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Smartwatch 2 EN Version (Promo)

Huami, a company that is strongly connected with Xiaomi, showed Huami Amazfit Smartwatch 2 in early December. Currently, Amazfit Smartwatch 2 English Version is available on Gearbest, which means that if you were thinking about buying this smartwatch, and simplified Chinese or traditional Chinese is

DOMINO DM368 Plus 3G Smartwatch with Android 5.1 (Promo)

Domino DM368 Plus is another 3G smartwatch from Domino brand. Previously you could read about Domino DM98 3G Smartwatch with a huge 2.2 inch screen. Do you choose a typical smartwatch that you can pair with a smartphone, or a smartwatch with a 3G feature? This choice

Lenovo HW02

Lenovo HW02 New Smartband Coming Soon

There are many smartbands available on the market with different features. Today we want to give you fresh information about an upcoming next-generation smart wristband from Lenovo, exactly Lenovo HW02. Will it be a better version of the popular Lenovo HW01 smartband all will prove

MIfree Q8 unboxing

MiFRee Q8 Outdoor Fashion Sports Smartwatch Unboxing & First run (Video)

Today we want to show you the unboxing of MiFRee Q8 Outdoor Fashion Sports Smartwatch. The Q8 Smartwatch is one of the cheaper smartwatches, but has everything needed to measure health, fitness progress and outdoor sports. Interestingly, MiFRee Q8 has a built-in barometer, previously we have not seen

NO.1 G5

NO.1 G5 Sports Smartwatch now Available for $25.99 (Promo)

Today we want to remind you about the budget smartWwatch called NO.1 G5. First time about NO.1 G5 smartwatch mentioned at the beginning of August. Why do we talk about it now, because it is now available at a very attractive price on Gearbest with