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Tronsmart Cables and Chargers

Geekbuying: Tronsmart Cables & Chargers Big Sale (Promo)

We all know how important the cables & chargers for our devices are. If you decide to buy something, you should choose high-quality products, which certainly include cables and chargers Tronsmart brand. The promotion of Tronsmart Cables & Chargers Big Sale has been prepared by

Dodocool 6-way Power Strip with 2 USB Ports (DC41) (Promo)

A suitable power supply/power strip facilitates the use of multiple devices and their proper charging. Today we have a power strip for you, which should make the most of you facilitate the use of many devices and will certainly solve several “home power problems”. Most of

Pi desktop

$50 Pi Desktop is a Desktop PC case for Raspberry Pi

We’ve seen a few cases for Raspberry Pi, including Raspberry Pi case from Kodi Team. Today we want to show you the new case allows build a Desktop PC with a similar sounding name Pi Desktop. This incredibly stylish case that converts a Raspberry Pi

dodocool DA131

Dodocool DA131 In-ear Virtual 5.1 Surround Sound Stereo Earphones (Promo)

Some time ago you could read about new Dodocool Magnetic Wireless Stereo Sports In-Ear Headphone. Today we want to show you new earphones from Dodocool brand called Dodocool In-ear Virtual 5.1 Surround Sound Stereo Earphones. Dodocool In-ear 3D Surround Sound Stereo Earphone with 5.1 channel frequency division technology