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xiaomi wemax

Xiaomi WEMAX ONE MJJGYY01FM Laser Projector (Promo)

Laser projectors are becoming more and more popular. There are several vendors on the market who make devices that are worth noting. One of them is, of course, Xiaomi and his laser projector called Xiaomi WEMAX ONE MJJGYY01FM. Now Xiaomi WEMAX laser projector is available

Ugoos UP1

Ugoos UP1 Android Smart Projector powered by RK3328 SoC

The Ugoos, one of the popular TV Boxes manufacturers, is expanding its portfolio not with another TV Box, but with a completely different device, although similarities can be found. Recently, Ugoos has introduced into its portfolio (and soon to market) the Android DLP Smart Projector

EZCast Beam J2

New EZCast Beam J2 Mini Projector now for $199

The EZCast brand (WinnerWave Ltd. company) most of you need not introduce. Most of you EZCast brand/name associated with the popular EZCast app (Cast Media to TV), EZCast 4K Wifi Display Dongle or other. EZCast team is not idle and launches another new device that will surely meet with great

Excelvan Q7

Excelvan Q7 World Cup Memorial Projector now for $159.99 (Promo)

2018 Russia World Cup are approaching. At the time, it’s best to equip your home entertainment center with a projector. Bigger screen bigger emotions 🙂 On this occasion Gerabest store has prepared a great promotion for a good projector called Excelvan Q7 World Cup Memorial

DBPOWER RD-819 Projector with 3200 Lumens now for $199.99 (Promo)

You had the opportunity to meet several projectors from the DBPOWER brand. Today we have another DBPOWER projector deal called DBPOWER RD-819. DBPOWER RD-819 projector now is available on Amazon US for $199.99 with coupon code: KE86E8UW (promo ends: 04/30/18).  DBPOWER RD-819 projector will certainly satisfy home users. The projector will

Tenker RD805 / RD-805

Tenker RD805 Mini Portable Projector now for $54.60 (Promo)

On our blog, you had the opportunity to see several projectors. Today we have another projector for you this time from Tenker brand called Tenker RD805. This small projector will allow you to build a home cinema. Tenker RD805 / RD-805 is available on Amazon