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Google Sabrina with Android TV 11 – Some Details


Google Sabrina is the new Android TV Dongle resembling a “soap bar” from Google. According to information captured by the editorial staff of XDA Developers, Google is working on a new device with a code name “Sabrina” which runs Android TV 11 OS

Google Sabrina

The simple-looking TV Dongle for TV is in its form reminiscent of Chromecast Ultra. However, instead of being limited only to the function of streaming information from a mobile device, the device is to work under the control of full Android TV.


Sabrina Google TV Dongle will be sold with dedicated remote control and is supposed to be an expression of disappointment with the accessories produced by the company’s hardware partners. The device will be available in three (black, white, or pastel pink) colors (the remote control in all versions is white). The heart of “Sabrina” is to be a processor from Amlogic, probably Amlogic S905Y2 chipset (dedicated SoC for TV Dongle). It also has support for all video and audio formats, including Dolby Vision.

Is this a little war HDMI TV Dongle / TV Stick?

Exactly. By a strange coincidence, a lot of HDMI TV Dongle / HDMI TV Stick solutions have recently appeared on the market. Do vendors want to fight for this product segment? Have they really discovered a large interest in users of this type of device format? They are certainly small devices that you can put in your shirt pocket and take anywhere with you. Thus, you can have your favorite TV sayings always at hand.

As mentioned above, recently there have been several HDMI Dongle TV streaming devices: TiVO Stream 4K, BuzzTV ST4000 VIDSTICK, and Xiaomi Mi TV Stick. However, the market will also include Roku Ultra, Fire TV Stick, and Chinese cheaper TV Stick.

Google Sabrina Android TV Dongle…

The leak includes an image of the Sabrina remote. This probably Bluetooth remote controller looks like it has a navigation wheel at the top, as well as UI navigation buttons like back, home, next, and several more. There is a dedicated Google Assistant button and the remote is said to include a mic for voice search and commands too.

It probably won’t be Google-branded but rather be a Nest smart home product. Google’s Android TV dongle to be priced around or below $80.

Sabrina Google TV Dongle will definitely have Google Certification and support for Google services (e.g. YouTube 4K), also will be supporting other 4K streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disnye+, and others? very likely. We will certainly find out more soon.

XDA Developers

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