Android 11 TV

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    MECOOL KD2 S905Y4 Google Certified Android TV 11 4K TV Dongle

    MECOOL KD2 is a Certified Android 11 TV Dongle with S905Y4 SoC

    This time MECOOL brand launches a new Google Certified Android TV Dongle called MECOOL KD2. Just like the KM7 Android TV Box that we recently wrote about, the new MECOOL KD2 is also powered by the same Amlogic S905Y4 SoC.…

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    Android 11 for Android TV

    Android 11 for Android TV will run on Sabrina TV Dongle

    The first developers are just beginning testing the new version of Android, exactly Android 11 for Android TV. In addition to the first look at the changes that the new version will bring, the system includes references to the new…

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