Rockchip Light Biz OS – Combination of work and entertainment supported by RK3288 and RK3368 platform


Recently we hear more information about the operating system from the chinese chip maker Rockchip called Light Biz OS. Light Biz Os transfers Android 5.1 from entertainment to business, which adapts to the needs of mobile work and industry development. The system is positioned on light biz and focusing on education and industrial application market which can efficiently improve work efficiency. Modified version of Android Lollipop offering solutions familiar with the Microsoft system.

light biz osRockchip explains in “Five major features make Android system applicable to office”:

  1. Light Biz OS can be easily switch two different system and CTS passed.
  2. It can realize the self-suitable scaling on smart phones and tablets. Apps on tablet supports 3-level scaling while the mobile phone App supports the mobile phone window mode display.
  3. Multitasking available. Can arbitrarily resize the window, and can drag multiple windows. In addition, all windows can suspend on the desktop at the same time.
  4. It supports Microsoft Office and WPS Office.
  5. Keyboard and mouse can be adapted with each other intelligently. Some commonly used functions of the right mouse bottom such as copy, paste, delete, etc., can be easily achieved. On the keyboard, some hotkeys such as Ctrl + C / + V / + X / + A, Alt + Tab etc. can be used as PC, and work more effciently.

light biz osLight Biz OS is designed to make Android work more like a desktop operating system. The custom version of Android also includes a taskbar, a start menu-style app launcher, support for Digital Pen input, and other features designed to make it easier to get work done on an Android device. Below the official video from Rockchip presenting Light Biz OS.


At the moment the system from Rockchip is dedicated tablets, TV boxes  (soon available in ZIDOO X6 Pro TV Box) and laptops based on the RK3288 and RK3368 platform.

light biz osBelow video where Charbax from ARMdevices had a chance to take a closer look and see in the action Light Biz OS.


Source: ARMdevices and Liliputing

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