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The new firmware v1.0.3.8 for ZIDOO X9 Release


We have good news, there is a new firmware for Zidoo X9 (v1.0.3.8 release).

ZIDOO X9 TV Box powered by Mstar MSO9810 that also comes with an HDMI input port, but this time, they’ve implemented a PVR function, so if you have a low end satellite, cable, or terrestrial receiver, you can connect it to ZIDOO X9 and record programs, which makes it much more useful.


zidoo x9New firmware v1.0.3.8 can be downloaded here. What we find in the new Firmware v1.0.3.8 update list:

  1. Added appsgo application market, there are more download channels for applications.
  2. Optimized the loading of external subtitles for BDMV format.
  3. Update the google play version.
  4. Optimized the network speed to access 2.4g/5.8g WIFI.
  5. Optimized the compatibility of dtses audio.
  6. Optimized the decoding of local player.
  7. Improved the compatibility of APE audio format.
  8. Optimized the speed of accessing network resources with Explorer.
  9. Fixed the probabilistic problem of WIFI couldn’t access to data.
  10. Fixed the probabilistic problem of desktop loses focus.

As you can see ZIDOO team is not idle and continues improving all the time ZIDOO X9 firmware.

You can download the new firmware from here or via OTA. How to upgrade firmware for ZIDOO X9, here.

Source: Zidoo Forums

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