Geekbuying August Sale: Coupon Codes, La Tomatina Game and more

If you’re looking for hot deals, promotions, and coupons, now you can find them on the Geekbuying store. The Geekbuying has launched a mega August Sale promotion (AUG Sale). This shopping special event is in full swing. You still have the opportunity to use the preview phase of the promotion called Get ready for AUG sale. From August 27, the August Sale final (Best summer discounts) will be held. This promotion phase will last until 09/03 17:00 (Monday). But that’s not all, you can still catch big discounts on clearance sale, AUG Sale phase promo called Last chance to save (ends 09/07 at 17:00 (Friday)). You can find more below.

AUG Sale promotionAs we mentioned at the August Sale preview phase you will also find discounts coupon codes. Grab big discount coupons: $50 OFF for orders over $500,$5 OFF for orders over $60,the two coupons can only be got from the Preview Promo Page with limited quantities, once got, it will be bind to customer’s account, valid from Aug 27th, 17:00. This is still not all on the AUG Sale 1st Preview Page you will also find great promotions & game called La Tomatina.


La Tomatina game

At La Tomationa promo page you can find the lucky draw, win $100 voucher, xiaomi robot cleaner, xiaomi smartphone, massive coupons and secret gifts. Also, a you can find big discounts and coupons for many brands in the different warehouse. Below you will find a few products / devices that we think are worth attention, and we hope that they will meet your interest. The following products recommend are the hot selling mainly from Poland Stock & Italy Stock. The shipping from these two warehouses to Hungary is cheap and fast.

These are only our suggestions, you know better what devices you need, but we also hope that our suggestions will inspire you. More can be found on August Sale 1st Preview Page


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