Celebrate the 300% of GTR Pro’s Crowdfunding


As you know, Beelink’s new Mini PC GT-R upgrade version GT-R Pro is funded through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Below you will find information and rules from the Beelink team related to the celebration of 300% of GTR Pro crowdfunding.

Beelink GT-R Pro

Celebrate the 300% of GTR Pro Crowdfunding

In order to celebrate the 300% of GTR Pro’s crowdfunding, we are here to send gifts~ (Although our crowdfunding campaign is over, the perks on the crowdfunding campaign interface will be reserved for ten days, and you still have a chance to get 40% Discounted price to buy Beelink GTR Pro)
Dear friends~# SHARE # is the theme of our event. Do good things need to be shared with friends?


GTR Pro Game Rules

1. Link to GTR PRO crowdfunding campaign
Participants need to be on the crowdfunding page and can share with friends by clicking “Facebook, Twitter & Link”. The more your friends buy, then you may become the final winner of our #SHARE# event.
2. Award criteria: through sharing the link(” Facebook, Twitter & Link”), the user who attracts the most purchases from friends is the final winner
3. Prize: A GTR (16+512+1TB)! ! !
4. The date of # SHARE # event: September 15th-September 25th at 15:00 (Beijing Standard Time)

Beelink GT-R Pro

PS: We will start shipping for users from tomorrow, the delivery period is 7-14 days. If you want to deliver through a European warehouse, the delivery cycle is longer, and the delivery time to the European warehouse needs to be added. The time is 15-21 days

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