Blu-ray Menu Navigation and External Subtitles System: New features from ZIDOO

ZIDOO company needs no introduction. It has a strong position on the TV Boxes market, and already soon company officially unveiled the new flagship TV Box called ZIDOO X10, successor top model ZIDOO X9S (review here). In addition to well-equipped TV Boxes the company provides very good support for their devices. It’s a very big plus for people who have the devices from ZIDOO and future customers, so we always say: if you buy a TV box, think and read whether TV Boxes you wish to purchase will have a vendor support and firmware updates. Of course, not only updates give satisfaction from use of the devce, also a new features. Therefore, today we bring you two new features that have been announced by the team ZIDOO: Blu-ray menu navigation support and new external subtitles system with rich settings and ASS / SSA support. New functionalities are based on RTD1295 chipset so you can see them in the new ZIDOO X10 and ZIDOO X9s.

ZIDOO X101. Full Blu-Ray menu navigation support.


ZIDOO File manager (or Theater) will allows users to play Blu-Ray in menu navigation mode, besides a simple mode. You can get a real stand-alone Blu-Ray player experience from here. Just choose Blu-ray Menu to show the menu and navigate via the Blu-Ray Menu. You can also activate the Popup Menu or Top Menu at anytime during the playback. There also have some basic function such as Next Chapter/Previous Chapter/Subtitle/Audio.

What is a Pop-up Blu-ray menu? As with DVD menus, Blu-ray menus offer an “always-on” style of menu meaning it covers the entire screen. With Blu-ray, there is a second option known as Pop-up menus. With this type, not only is there a full page menu, but the menu information can also “Pop- up” over the actual video/movie while it’s playing. This allows for access to the menu without having to exit the video/movie and jump to a separate menu page. This type of design is more involved than an “always on” menu.

2. A new external subtitles system with rich settings and ASS/SSA support.

Support SRT/SMI/SUB..etc. Especially support ASS special effects in ZIDOO player, Support HTML TAGS , It’s not filter,but display the effect like italic. Support custom fonts. It even allow user to add new font files into the box system. Support custom shadow and strokes for srt subtitles. Users are free to choose new subtitles system or the old one. New opportunities for subtitles:

  • Adjust the Size , Position, Line space
  • Adjust the color ,special effects, and so on
  • You can choose the right encode to avoid some display mistakes
  • Adjust the offset
  • Customize the font

If you are interested in TV Boxes from ZIDOO find them on Amazon: ZIDOO X9S, ZIDOO X8, ZIDOO X6 Pro and Geekbuying: ZIDOO X9S, ZIDOO X8, ZIDOO X6 Pro


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