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ZTE ZXV10 B860HV2 is a New Android TV Box from ZTE

ZTE Corporation a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet at TV Connect unveiled its smart Android TV set top box (STB) called ZXV10 B860HV2 which supports Dolby Vision. 

ZXV10 B860HV2

This is not the only TV Box from ZTE. On October 13, the company unveiled the ZXV10 B860H model. New B860HV2 TV Box runs on Android TV from Google. The ZTE B860HV2 adopts an Amlogic SoC (S905, S905X or S912) with 64 bit CPU architecture, 8GB Flash, 2GB RAM, which guarantee the smooth running of the system and applications. It also provides 802.11AC 2T2R Wi-Fi wireless and RJ-45,10/100/1000M wire access and Bluetooth 5.0 support that enables Bluetooth remote and directional pad (D-PAD) connecting.

ZXV10 B860HV2 TV Box as we know it supports ultra-high definition (UHD) 4K (4K×2Kat60 frames per second (fps) 10-Bit colour). As we mentioned Smart TV Box uses a Google Android TV system and Java virtual machine (JVM) to be compatible with Android applications, and integrates with ZTE’s Smart Home solution, which features Multi-Screen, HD Video Call, Family Album, Home IoT Network and Voice Assistant. Deeply integrated with IoT technology, it also provides strong extendibility. The device is dedicated to SPs and operators to improve the quality video quality of experience (V-QoE). Fang Hui, ZTE vice president, said that the B860HV2 has become an important part of the “ZTE Big Video Solution,” which helps consolidate its leading position in the global smart STB market.

Source: ZTE