ZIDOO Z9X Firmware V6.3.40 & V6.3.40_G (USB update)


We have good news, there is new ZIDOO Z9X firmware v6.3.40 and v6.3.40_G for ZIDOO’s flagship android media player. The ZIDOO Z9X it’s not the only Android Media player in ZIDOO portfolio powered by Realtek RTD1619DR SoC. Check alsoZ10 PROZ1000 PRO, and UHD3000 High-end media player. In addition to OTA firmware update, you can update via USB, OTA zip files can be found below.

ZIDOO Z9X Firmware V6.3.40

Availability and price

New ZIDOO’s Android media players RTD1619DR Series are available in the ZIDOO Official Store on Aliexpress and via ZIDOO shop. ZIDOO Z9X is available for $257.16 via Aliexpress

On the occasion of the release of this firmware, we have good news for you. ZIDOO Z9X, Z10PRO and Z1000PRO are Roon ready now, more details here.


ZIDOO’s models indicated above can Roon Ready streaming your existing DAC or receiver via its HDMI, Optical, or USB outputs or one can take advantage of its built-in 3.5mm AUX output to easily add a zone to your Roon setup.

What we find in the new ZIDOO Z9X firmware v6.3.40 / v6.3.40_G (with Google Play Store)

What’s the difference for firmware with G or not?

Firmware with G means “Google play store” is installed, there is no other difference. Please make sure you will update to firmware with G always if you have already installed firmware with G now.



  1. Added volume control for CEC.
  2. Fixed the problem that the color of some special effects subtitles cannot be displayed correctly when outputting Dolby Vision.
  3. Fixed the problem that some video files playback will not end automatically.
  4. Modified the playback issue that some Dolby Vision films are stuttering.
  5. Fixed the problem that upper and bottom black bars of some films are grayish.


  1. Optimized forced subtitles functions.
  2. Added screen cover function.
  3. Optimized the display of some interfaces.
  4. Added the function to display movie info by pressing Left and Right keys for the first time.
  5. Fixed the problem that the status of subtitles is abnormal after pressing subtitle shortcuts to choose subtitles.
  6. Optimize playback stability.
Firmware V6.3.40 ZIDOO Z9X

Quick setting

  1. Optimized forced subtitle settings.
  2. Optimize CEC settings.

Music player

  1. Optimized interface freeze problem when there are too many music files.
  2. Optimized album sorting function.
  3. Fixed the problem that SACD album can not skip to next song occasionally.
  4. Optimized the display of some interfaces.
  5. Fixed the problem that lists of artists and albums don’t refresh when scanning.
  6. Optimized the sorting function for the current playlist.
  7. Optimized the device removal function.
  8. Fix image loading speed and stability.
  9. Optimized matching function.
  10. Added the loading function for artist list.
  11. Fix CUE parsing.
  12. Optimized UPNP data loading speed.
  13. Optimized scanning stability.

Poster wall

  1. Added movie info acquisition when scanning.
  2. Optimized the information icons on movie details interface.
  3. Added more information(media info) in movie details interface.
  4. Fixed the problem that scanning cannot be completed occasionally.
  5. Optimized the loading speed of posters.
  6. Optimized the poster display of watching record on the homepage.
  7. Added information source on movie details interface.
  8. Function to export export collection picture in NFO.
  9. Added local collection picture recognition function.
  10. Optimized trailer loading.
  11. Fix custom classification collection.
  12. Optimized the scanning stability.
  13. Added Dolby Vision category on Widget.
ZIDOO Z9X Firmware V6.3.40

Download Firmware v6.3.40 / v6.3.40_G for ZIDOO Z9X

Firmwarze for Z9X v6.3.40 and Firmware for Z9X v6.3.40_G

How to upgrade firmware by USB update?

  1. Download the firmware via links above to a USB stick
  2. Follow the USB update guide
  3. If you are the first time to install firmware with G, activate it with this guide

Note: If it is stuck in “Zidoo” logo for over 5 minutes when upgrading firmware, please power Zidoo media player off and restart. After firmware is upgraded successfully, built-in apps will upgrade automatically, please kindly wait 5 minutes to start using.

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