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ZIDOO NEO S is an Upcoming New 4K High-end Media Player


Today, the ZIDOO brand unveiled another 4K High-End Media Player. ZIDOO NEO S is an upcoming High-End 4K Media Player that feature also 5-inch OLED display. NEO S is also another medial player dedicated to all enthusiasts of high-quality audio-video and audiophiles.

ZIDOO NEO S 4K High-End Media Player

ZIDOO NEO S it is not the only high-end media player of this type that can be found in the ZIDOO portfolio. However, it looks “almost” like the previous ZIDOO NEO X Media Player. First of all, the differences can be seen in the number of knobs on the front panel (there are fewer of them). Additionally, there are also fewer I / O ports on the rear. Nevertheless, Hi-Fi audio enthusiasts should rub their hands together because there will be plenty to choose from.


NEO X or NEO S ? You have to make the decision yourself. Below we present the essential features of ZIDOO NEO S. Whereas, full details on the product page.

ZIDOO NEO S Overview Features

First of all, ZIDOO NEO S, just like NEO X, is a combination of several features and several devices in one. NEO S Media Player integrates the features of HiFi music digital decoder, streaming music player, HiFi preamp, Headphone amplifier and 4K media Player.

It’s hard to say whether it runs on Android OS, but is powered by Realtek RTD1619DR SoC with ARM Mali-G51 MP3 GPU. Unfortunately this chipset does not support AV1 decoding. Besides, also supports Dual band WiFiac 2T2R MIMO (867Mbps), Gigabit Ethernet and Bluetooth 5.0. Device has HDMI 2.0a ([email protected]). 

Additionally, NEO S inherits NEO X’s craftsmanship with aluminum thickened chassis and 5-inch OLED touch screen. Additionally, 5-inch display supports screensaver designed for OLED (2 types of UV meter, spectrum and time mode are available). Besides, NEO S built in with 256GB SSD, dual ES9068 DAC, dual digital/analog power supply modules and toroidal power supply.

ZIDOO NEO S HiFi Audio 4k Media player

Hifi Audio Features

Above all, NEO S firstly uses two ES9068 DAC as the core of audio decoding. Two-channel audio is decoded independently to avoid interference and get better SNR and dynamic range. Besides, Supporting up to DSD512, PCM768 @ 32bit and three-layer 8 times expanded MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) encoding format hardware decoding.

Additionally, has separate digital and analog power supplies to eliminate interference which significantly improves the sound purity. Besides, ZIDOO NEO S adopts good circuit design, immersion gold main board, 6 operational amplifiers and selected HiFi components such as NICHCON, WIMA and ELNA.

It is worth pointing out that, multiple ports including USB DAC (for IOS/Android phones or tablets via OTG), Optical, Coaxial and AES/EBU input. Support various devices like turntables and CD players. USB DAC input supports asynchronous digital signal processing, which can be used as a sound card when connected to PC.

ZIDOO NEO S 4K High-End Media Player Hifi Audio

ZIDOO NEO S comes with Bluetooth remote control with backlight. At the moment, we do not have information about availability and price. More about NEO S and its full specification can be found on the official product page.


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