Xiaomi Router AX9000 WiFi 6 Enhanced Version supports Tri-Band (Deal)


Xiaomi Mi Router AX9000 is a router for more demanding users. AX9000 Wifi 6 Enhanced Version router offers advanced features for gaming and tri-band support for high-speed data transfer.

Xiaomi AX9000 router

As you can see in the photo above, the new advanced Xiaomi router is very impressive with its design. However, its great features and possibilities together with the aforementioned design create a coherent whole. Considering the features of the AX9000, the price of the new Xiaomi router is not excessive.


Availability and price

The new Xiaomi Mi AX9000 WiFi 6 Enhanced Version router can be found in several well-known online stores, including:

The router is shipped with a power adapter(12V/4A), network cable, and user manual.

Xiaomi Router AX9000 WiFi 6 Enhanced Version Overview Features

The new router is powered by Qualcomm IPQ8072 Quad-Core A53 2.2GHz processor with Engine Acceleration Network Dual-Core 1.7GHz (NPU). Besides, it comes with 1GB of RAM. By the way, it is worth mentioning that the router supports 1000 devices online at the same time. Besides, a router runs on MiWiFi ROM, an intelligent router operating system deeply customized based on OpenWRT. It is also worth mentioning that the router is equipped with active cooling with a silent fan

Xiaomi Router AX9000 Main Features

As we mentioned, the new router has many advanced features, and above all supports gaming/e-sport. Below you will find the most important features.

  • Tri-Band Concurrent – supports E-sport Exclusive 5G band, Video Entertainment 5G Band, and 2.4G band
  • WiFi6 enhanced version – 9000Mbps extremely fast Internet experience. 4×4 160MHz (the 5G_Game band), 1 times faster than before. 4K QAM, 20% speedup.
  • 12 high gain antennas (12 independent signal amplifiers) – each antenna group contains three high-gain antennas, 2.4GHz, 5.2GHz, and 5.8GHz, to provide wider signal coverage.
  • Multi-device parallel and efficient transmissionOFDMA improves the efficiency of each transmission, and MU-MIMO increases the total transmission capacity. The two are combined together.
  • WiFi 6 Mesh hybrid networking – Supports networking with other models of Xiaomi WiFi 6 routers, up to 10 units, no dead angle coverage in the whole house. Mixed networking with Xiaomi AX6000/AX3600/AX1800 router and Redmi AX5/AX6 router. (The Chinese version cannot mesh with the global version)
  • 2500Mbps dedicated network port for gaming – Wired devices can also enjoy gaming-grade high-speed networks, and also support dual gigabit LAN port link aggregation to meet high-speed intranet transmission.
  • Others:
    • USB 3.0 port  – It allows you to connect an external drive and supports SAMBA protocol, and mobile phones, TVs, and PCs can be quickly accessed within the local area network.
    • Global game acceleration  – In-depth cooperation with NetEase UU accelerator, global dedicated line connection, support for multi-platform games such as PS, Xbox, Switch, PC, and mobile phones, and provide e-sports-grade low-latency network.
    • Exclusive acceleration for Xiaomi devices – Intelligently recognize your Xiaomi/Redmi mobile phone, open exclusive acceleration channels in-game scenarios, and significantly reduce game delays and freezes.

Is it worth buying the Xiaomi AX9000 router?

If you have quality and data transfer speed requirements, the AX9000 should satisfy you. Besides, the advanced features and specifications of the router are future-proof. The purchased router will serve for the next few years. On the other hand, users for whom these features are unnecessary will surely be satisfied with the Xiaomi AX6000 and AX3600 router. Additionally, a one-click configuration of the mesh network is a big advantage. 

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