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Xiaomi Mi Router HD and other new devices from Xiaomi at CES 2017

For the first time at CES 2017 Xiaomi showed their products and new products. Certainly after CES, arrives many fans Mi brand. It is not surprising that, because Xiaomi is now a leader on the TECH market. Mi devices have a high quality and attractive price, so the unit enjoy such interest. Of course Mi brand accompanies the whole ideology and design comparable to the Apple brand.  Returning to CES 2017, Xiaomi showed three new products: Mi Router HD, Mi TV 4 and new Mi Mix phablet with 6.4 inch screen and white ceramic body.

Mi router HD, i Mi TV 4

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Of course, all devices are amazing, but our attention turned Mi Router HDMi Router HD offers a range of smart features including automatic backups from all your devices, and even Time Machine support. It automatically syncs with your Dropbox cloud and also integrates with your Sonos audio system. Mi Router HD is launching later in Q1 in China in two versions: 1TB version for UNDER $200, and 8TB version for under $500.

mi router HD

Mi Router HD Highlights:

  • SoC – Qualcomm IPQ8064 quad core network processor with a dual-core Qualcomm Krait CPU @ 1.4 GHz for control plane and applications, and a dual-core 730 MHz Network Subsystem (NSS) to accelerate packet processing.
  • 4×4 multi-user 802.11ac MIMO router, supports up to 2600 Mbps transfer speeds
  • 4 high-gain PCB array antennas
  • Built-in surveillance-class hard drive of up to 8TB
  • Automatically back up all your devices, supports Time Machine
  • Automatically syncs with Dropbox
  • Integrates with Sonos audio system
  • Launching later Q1 in China in 2 versions, 1TB (under $200); 8TB (under $500)

Noteworthy super ultra thin Mi TV 4, only 4.9mm. Mi TV 4 is also one of the first TVs in the world to incorporate the Dolby Atmos audio technology for a truly cinema-grade experience right in your living room. Support PatchWall – AI-based recommendations UI, follows modular TV design.


Mi TV 4 Highlights:

  • Frameless with barely any bezels; our thinnest TV yet at only 4.9mm at its thinnest point, 37% thinner than Mi MIX, 30% thinner than an iPhone
  • Mi TV Bar integrated with 10 speakers, 2 wireless rear satellite speakers, and a beautifully designed subwoofer
  • Supports latest Dolby Atmos cinema-grade audio technology—one of the first TVs in the world to integrate this; 2 up-firing speakers in Mi TV 4 give you an immersive 3D sound experience
  • Modular TV design separates the TV display from the electronics, allowing you to quickly upgrade to get the latest features and functionality by simply swapping out your Mi TV Bar
  • Mi Port – single cable that connects Mi TV Bar to the display and carries all signals to and from the display for a cleaner look
  • Understated transparent stand makes Mi TV 4 look suspended in the air even without mounting on the wall
  • Well under $2000 or equivalent; ships in China later this year

Source: Xiaomi