Xiaomi AIoT Wireless Router AX3600 and Routers Deals at Geekbuying


Back to school is behind us. However, it is still a good time to improve and improve your Internet connection at home. The Xiaomi AIoT Router AX3600 is one of the few routers available on Geekbuying at promotional prices that are worth your attention.

Router AX3600

Xiaomi AIoT Wireless Router AX3600 Overview Features

AX3600 is the flagship and most advanced router in the Xiaomi portfolio. It has great design and 6 external high gain antennas. Below you will find the most important features of the Xiaomi AX3600.


Qualcomm 6-Core Enterprise-Grade – Enterprise-level professional chip P08071A, equipped with Qualcomm 4-core 64 bit A53 CPU+2 core network acceleration engine. The professional chip runs more stable.

OFDMA – OFDMA significantly improves the transmission efficiency of multiple devices working at the same time and reduces the delay.

MU-MIMO – MU-MIMO allows multiple antennas of a router to serve multiple devices at the same time.

Support Beamforming Technology, Directional Enhanced Signal –Beamforming technology, which can automatically detect the position of mobile phones, computers, and other terminals in the network, enhance the signal of the location, make Wi-Fi effective coverage wider, and the signal quality is more stable.

WiFi 6 Router with Game accelerator –  fast up to  2976Mbps (the maximum wireless theoretical value)

WPA3 Network Encryption

Router AX3600

Overview of Routers Deals at Geekbuying

Xiaomi Router AX3600

Now the Xiaomi Router AX3600 is available on the Geekbuying store for $135.99 (CN Warehouse) and for $139.99 (EU Warehouses) after coupon code: GKBAloT36 DEAL

As we mentioned, in addition to the Xiaomi AIoT Wireless Router AX3600 on Geekbuying at a promotional price, you will also find other interesting routers. We have selected a few of them below.

Xiaomi AC2100

Xiaomi Mi AC2100

[DE Warehouse] Xiaomi Mi AC2100 Wireless Router 128Mb High Gain Invisible Antenna Dual-Core now for $53.99


[CN Warehouse] HUAWEI AX3 Dual-Core WiFi 6 Plus Wireless Router 1.2GHz CPU 2.4GHz + 5GHz 128MB RAM 160MHz Frequency Bandwidth 3000Mbps 2 Signal Amplifiers Internet Protection now for $52.99 after coupon: 4QNRJNOS

[CN Warehouse] HUAWEI AX3 Pro Wireless Router Quad-core WiFi 6 Plus 2.4GHz + 5GHz 256MB RAM 160MHz Frequency Bandwidth 3000Mbps Four Signal Amplifiers Internet Protection now for $69.99 after coupon: 4QNQMEHQ

Xiaomi Mi AX1800

[CN Warehouse] Xiaomi Mi AX1800 Wireless Router (WiFi 6 Gigabit 2.4GHz 5GHz, 5-Core Dual-band, OFDMA High Gain, 2 Antennas 4 Signal Amplifiers 1775Mbps) now for $62.99 after coupon: 4QNQZ7CG 

More Routers Deals can be found during the Xiaomi AIoT Router AX3600 promotion.

Router AX3600

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