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X98 and X98 Plus is a New Android 11 TV Box with S905W2 SoC (AV1)

After a moment of silenceon the Adroid TV Boxes market, there are new TV Boxes with an “X” in the model name. The X98 and X98 Plus are the new 4K Android 11 TV Boxes. Besides, also powered by the new low cost Amlogic S905W2 chipset. It is worth mentioning that the S905W2 SoC supports AV1 decoding. More about X98 S905W2 and X98 Plus S905W2 below.

X98 and X98 Plus S905W2 Android 11 TV Box

About Amlogic S905W2 SoC

Unfortunately, we don’t have much information about the new S905W2 SoC at the moment. On our blog we showed TV Boxes with the earlier version of Amlogic S905W and S905W4 SoC. At the moment it is difficult to talk about the S905W2 SoC in more detail. Does the same as the previous chipsets only support VP9 / H.265 [email protected] decoding up to 4K @ 30fps video.


Nevertheless, we know the key features. Amlogic S905W2 is a Quad Core 64bit Cortex-A35 processor with Mali-G31 MP2 that support AV1 decoding. We do not know the clock speed, we speculate up to 1.5GHz. Additionally, the chipset seems to support a maximum of AV1 decoding 1080p 60fps (same as S805X2 SoC) or 4K @ 30fps. As soon as we know more details, we will inform you immediately.

X98 and X98 Plus S905W2 Android 11 TV Box

After the X96 X4 powered by Amlogic S905X4 SoC Android TV Boxes manfucturer decided to release a cheaper version supporting AV1 decoding powered by a low-cost chipset, the new Amlogic S905W2 SoC. 

X98 S905W2 Android 11 TV Box

The new X98 S905W2 TV Box as well as the X98 Plus S905W2 can already be found on Aliexpress in the Vontar store. X98 and X98 Plus for around $93

The price is not low. Compared to previous TV Boxes based on the low-cost S905W SoC, the TV Boxes powered by the S905W2 SoC should also belong to the budget. At the moment, the specification of the new S905W2 TV Boxes is also poor. Both models do not differ from each other apart from the name and design.

X98 Plus S905W2 Android 11 TV Box

The X98 S905W2 and X98 Plus S905W2 are powered by the S905W2 SoC. Additionally, they can be equipped with 2GB-4GB RAM and 16GB-64GB eMMC storage. Besides, they support Dual-band Wifi (maybe 802.11n), Bluetooth 5.2 and 10 / 100Mbps Fast Ethernet. Both TV Boxes runs on Android 11 and supports HDR 10+.

As soon as we know more details about the S905W2 SoC and the S905W2 Android TV Boxes specifications, we will let you know immediately.

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