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Seaman resume

How to write a resume for seaman

Having a resume is one of the prerequisites for getting a good job. And the profession of a seaman is no exception. Today on the Internet, you can find many articles with recommendations for writing a seaman resume, and almost all of them say one thing: there is no universal template. Each company has its requirements for resume - some accept and consider those that seafarers send them in free form, some ask to download from the site and fill out a sample, some ask to fill it out on the site because they have special programs that immediately enter the seaman to the base. Everything is individual and mainly depends on the company's requirements, as well as on the qualifications of the seamen themselves - some have 5 certificates, some have 10.

Be unique, be strong, be all-powerful, they say. The only thing we say – is how to write that very resume.

In the Profile section, all you need to do is to come into the spotlight. Highlight your most prominent achievements and qualities here. Set up your goal and add some keywords from the vacancy description.

For example:

"Reliable and attentive seamen with 5 years of experience in the merchant navy."

Employment history. Always start with the latest voyages – they are of the first interest to crewing representatives and shipowners. Be clear about the positions, names, and types of ships, terms of contracts, and the names of the shipping companies. The experience should be seamless and without long career breaks. If there were breaks, then you should have a reasonable explanation, because the recruiter will probably pay attention to this. Also, the employer may be alarmed by too frequent changes of companies. If you have been promoted on a flight, then this must be indicated.

If you describe your work experience in more detail, indicating your responsibilities, then avoid trivialities and repetitions, describe only the experience that is unique for each vessel. That is, if you are a senior assistant, it is obvious that you are involved in organizing watch duties every time. Still, during some contract, you could get a unique experience in cargo and ballast operations, sailing in ice, or undergoing a complex audit - this is worth mentioning.

Education. For the shipping industry, having the necessary certifications is sometimes just as critical as the required work experience, so this point should not be underestimated. When listing, check the spelling with the original.

Remember that a text editor automatically checks spelling will skip abbreviations commonly used in nautical documents. To a recruiter who spots a mistake, you will seem careless and irresponsible.

In the Skills section, you need to show the qualities that helped you achieve great results in the work experience section. For a seaman, these will be:

  • Steering and responsible sailor skills.
  • Ability to manage boats, use rescue equipment.
  • Good eye gauge.
  • Excellent visual orientation.
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Attentiveness.
  • High responsibility.
  • Endurance.

The total size of a seaman resume should not exceed 2-3 pages. When the work is completed, we advise you to go through the text carefully two or three times, correcting mistakes and editing not very successful phrases. Typos in headlines, companies names, and job titles will especially alert an employer

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