WiMiUS L3 4K Action Camera Review (Video and Photo Samples)

We are after the test WiMiUS L3 4K action camera with huge 2.45″ touch screen, so today we want to show you the WiMiUS L3 action camera review. How did the L3 action camera behave? Everything you find in this review, we encourage you to read the WiMiUS L3 4K action camera review.

I want to say thanks to WiMiUS company (Wimius Technologies Co.,Ltd) for sending us a WiMiUS L3 4K action camera to review. WiMiUS L3 camera is available on Amazon US for $119.99 but use coupon code: DWBX8N38 (and you receive 35%OFF), on Amazon UK for £92.99.


WiMiUS L3 4K Action Camera Specification:

  • Lens:170 degrees +high resolution wide angel lens
  • Chipset: Novatek 96660
  • Sensor: IMX 078
  • Screen: 2.45 inch LCD touch screen
  • Video Resolution:4K 24FPS / 2K 30FPS / 1080P 60FPS / 1080P 30FPS / 720P 120FPS / 720P 60FPS / 720P 30FPS / VGA 240FPS
  • Photo Resolution: 16M 14M 12M 10M 8M 5M
  • Video Mode: Normal Video/Time-lapse record/ Slow motion
  • Photo Mode: Normal Photo/Photo Lapse/Sequence
  • Loop Recording: off/3 Minutes/5 Minutes/10 Minutes
  • Motion Detection: OFF/ON
  • Fisheye Setting: OFF/ON
  • Field of View: Wide/Medium/Narrow
  • Image Rotation: OFF/ON
  • Remote Controller: Support
  • Waterproof: Waterproof 30m
  • Battery: 2x 3.7V 1000mAH rechargeable battery
  • More deteils here

Package include:

  • WiMiUS L3 4k Touch Screen Action Camera 
  • 2x 1000mAh batteries
  • waterproof case
  • touch screen cover
  • carrying case
  • USB Cable
  • English User Manual
  • More below

WiMiUS L3 unboxing

The following video from our YouTube channel where you can take a look at more WiMiUS L3 4K action camerabundled accessories, and also additional accessories.

First impressions, settings, overview of features

WiMiUS L3 action camera with waterproof case and without, looks quite solid, and the plastic used is good quality. At the beginning, we would like to point out that if you use a camera underwater (in a waterproof case, naturally :)) and you use touch rear panel waterproof case (included) for the back of the 2.45 “screen, remember to carefully place and fit the rear housing flap. Because clips clamping the casing does not close the rear panel of the casing, and does not close the casing tightly, which threatens to flood the camera with water (unfortunately, we managed to flood the camera, but after drying it still works without problems). Manually push the removable touch panel to the rest of the housing and clamp the upper clip. The camera looks very aesthetically and elegantly.

The waterproof case for the WiMiUS L3 is also very well made of good quality plastic. The waterproof case has a very good security lock at the top.

Once removed from the casing, at first glance, you can see that the camera is more oblong/rectangular, and it’s because of a huge 2.45 touch screen.


At the front of the camera is a light indicator (working / charging), MIC, and lens. On one side (left side when we look at the 2.45″ touch screen) we find: another MIC, micro USB interface and HDMI interface.

On the next side (to the right, looking at the back screen) are no ports and buttons.

At the top of the camera is a speaker, shutter / Power button and also video indicator.

On the bottom of the camera is a place for battery (1000mAh), battery cover switch and 1/4″-20 standard for mounting the camera. Micro SD card slot  (you need to open the battery cover). Interesting place to hide micro SD card, and a big plus for 2x 1000mAh batteries included.

The WiMiUS L3 has many features and settings that you can easily change and customize as you need by 2.45″ huge touch screen (big plus!). Also via the included waterproof touch door it is easy to navigate the Menu when the camera is in a waterproof case. The touch screen of the camera reacts differently, sometimes it is necessary to press the preferred function several times to be selected, and sometimes it is enough to press once. The same applies to the touch panel for the waterproof case. It may require more practice. The WiMiUS L3 4K action camera just like SJ6 Legend camera has a simple Menu and easy access to settings. The main menu provides access to the main operating modes: Normal Video, Time-lapse record, Slow motion, Normal Photo, Photo Lapse, Sequence, Video + photo, Car Mode, Aqua mode. Pictures below.

Below are some photos from the review settings (more you will find on unboxing videos).

« 1 of 8 »

The WiMiUS L3 4K action camera which we received for testing has the L3AUO-170628-V1.0 firmware version (date: 2017-06-28). The camera works with Wifi (via WiMiUS app ”WIMIUS CAM Pro”) and remote control (not included). We did not check exactly how long the battery lasts, for different modes. In our “mixed test” mode (more than a dozen photos, some 1080p video samples and some [email protected] samples) one battery lasted 60 minutes, you can always use the same extra battery included (big plus).

As mentioned earlier, WiMiUS L3 action camera can be operated by a dedicated application installed on a smartphone called “WIMIUS CAM Pro” (Android and iOS)  version V1.0.8. The application allows you to access most of the settings in the camera and is very helpful. What we noticed in the application you can choose the highest photos quality “Super”, by hand in the camera you can choose the highest photos quality, only “Fine”. Below several screenshots from app.

Our observations:

When using the WiMiUS L3 action camera we had no major problems. But, we noticed that Time Laps mode only supports 1080p/60fps video, when you select a higher resolution ([email protected], 4K @ 24fps), “not support!” is displayed. Sometimes also when the power is connected automatically the camera starts recording. It also seems to us that there is no (we do not see) the difference between the “Fisheye Settings” enabled feature and off, the pictures you will find below. Gyro sensor works very well. Unfortunately, the photos and videos at night fell poorly (like most budget cameras), lack of lighting feature.

Video Samples

The most important of course are video and photo samples, so below we want to show you some of them. The camera can record video in .MP4 format and capture in JPG file. We start from the video. More details in movie descriptions. Of course you can enable or disable the date stamp function.

Timelapse 1 Second

Timelapse 5 Seconds

Slow motion x4 (two samples)

[email protected] video, Gyro ON, Fisheye Settings OFF, camera on selfie stick

Aqua mode

Dash cam mode (car mode):  Day & Night

Video with Gyro ON: [email protected] and [email protected]

Video with Gyro OFF: [email protected] and [email protected]

Video at night [email protected]

Pictures Samples

Below you will see pictures (original size without correction, click to enlarge) made WiMiUS L3 in maximum resolution 16MP (4608x3456px).

Compare Fisheye Settings ON (left) / OFF (right).


The WiMiUS L3 is a good budget 4K Action camera with many advanced features and settings. It has huge 2.45″ touch screen that makes it easier menu navigation. The camera offers good video quality and images in default settings (pictures and video at night are not the best), including special modes: car mode, aqua moe, timelapse, slow motion. The L3 records very well the audio, also in the waterproof case. Of course, camera action requires some improvements or optimizations (according to our observations), which do not affect the camera’s performance, but only its rating compared to the competition. Also, the WiMiUS L3 waterproof case in combination with a removable rear touch panel requires more attention when closing. A big plus for many accessories in the set, and also for two 1000mAh batteries, for a longer action. If you are looking for inexpensive 4K ([email protected]) action camera with huge touch screen, with good Gyro, with lots of accessories, 2 removable batteries and good quality photo and video you should consider buying the WiMiUS L3 4K Action Camera.

WiMiUS L3 4K Action Camera













  • Good Gyro
  • 2 batteries included
  • Huge 2.45" touch screen
  • Good video and photo
  • A lot of accessories


  • Night pictures could be better
  • Limitations timelaps
  • Minor bugs


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