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Recently, in connection with your frequent inquiries, we have started publishing articles about companies/manufacturers. Looking for a worthy partner for your business, we want to introduce you to a company called Shenzhen Visson Technology Co., Ltd. (Vissontech)

Vissontech - Shenzhen Visson Technology Co., Ltd.

In a special manufacturer category, you will be able to find mainly manufacturers of TV Boxes. We hope that this will help you in business with TV Boxes, or it will help you find the right supplier of your preferred devices.


The Shenzhen Visson Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional TV Box manufacturer with 10+ years experience. Vissontech company is located in Shenzhen City of China. Similar to other manufacturers, the company also specializes not only in the Android TV Box but also, in HDMI TV Stick, Wireless Display Dongle (EZCast)Intel Mini PC, Bluetooth Earphones, Air Mouse Keyboard and Digital Signage devices.

Vissontech – Shenzhen Visson Technology Co., Ltd. Company Overview

Established in 2003, Shenzhen Visson Technology is an R&D company with manufactory (Visson Electronics) located in Shenzhen, China. In 2014 Vissontech registered US company, VSmart Digital Ltd and launched the Vensmile brand.

As we mentioned, the company major products are Windows mini PC, Android TV BOX, EZcast / Miracast, and regular accessories for it.

Shenzhen Visson Technology Services & Features

  • The Vissontech company offers OEM and ODM Customized Services. The company offers services tailored to the clients’ requirements.
  • Shenzhen Visson Technology Co., Ltd. has over 500 team members and an R&D team to provide popular and high-quality products. The company additionally has quality control management and additionally works with other factories to provide competitive products for its customers.
  • All products from Visson Technology are 100% complying with the obligatory certification for overseas customers.
  • During the cooperation, the company offers: advanced techniques to produce quality hardware and software, competitive price, and offer a comprehensive after-sales service.

In the Vissontech portfolio, you will find many popular TV Boxes such as X96 Mini, X96, HK1 Mini, MXQ Pro 4K, M8S PRO W with Voice Remote, A95X Pro with Voice Remote and more. More details and contact details can be found on the manufacturer’s website

In addition, the Shenzhen Visson Technology Co., Ltd. company has a website on

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