Unleash your Android TV with CyberGhost VPN – Now 73% OFF


How to spice things up and gain access to more streaming services and content on your Android TV? Of course, via a VPN. However, which VPN should I use for Android TVs and Android TV Boxes? You should definitely give CyberGhost VPN a chance. How to use CyberGhost VPN on Android TV OS and CyberGhost deal you can find below.

CyberGhost VPN for Android TV

Why should I use a VPN?

A virtual private network, or a VPN, is a tool that protects your online anonymity by concealing your real IP address and redirecting your internet traffic through a highly encrypted tunnel that no one else can access.


But the benefits of this process go far beyond data and identity protection. As owners of Android TVs and Android TV streaming devices, we can use a virtual private network to bypass geo-restrictions so we can enjoy every piece of content available Netflix, Hulu, Vevo, Disney+, YouTubeTV, or any other streaming app available.

Why choose CyberGhost VPN?

CyberGhost is one of the biggest and most acclaimed VPN services out there (15-year history and over 45 million users). No matter how you look at it, CyberGhost comes second to none. Being based in Bucharest, Romania, outside the 5, 9, and 14 Eyes Jurisdiction, the company has a zero-tolerance policy regarding keeping logs. Its users’ anonymity is backed-up by state-of-the-art data encryption, automatic Wi-Fi protection, and a built-in killswitch.

But online streaming is where CyberGhost VPN truly shines. Its infrastructure contains a unique batch of super slick servers designed for one purpose and one purpose only – streaming. While other VPNs will struggle to unblock streaming libraries from other locations, these special servers allow CyberGhost to breeze through all geo-restrictions. To top it off, there is no buffering, the loading times are excellent, and the streaming quality is top-notch.

CyberGhost VPN Deal, Now 73% OFF

With a 73% discount on offer, prices for this VPN start at €39/year and $45/year ( 71% OFF).

This is a genuine bargain considering everything you stand to gain from it – access to 6400+ servers from 90 countries, military-grade data-encryption, 24/7 monitoring against data-leaks for all your email addresses, plus access to CyberGhost Private Browser – a new Chromium-based browser that promises faster speeds and an ad & tracking free experience. Direct links to the offer below.

How to use CyberGhost on Android TV

CyberGhost VPN boasts an intuitive integration with Android TV, meaning you don’t need to be tech-savvy to set up your Android TV VPN. The installation is very simple, and CyberGhost even has a detailed step-by-step video on Youtube that will walk you through this process at your own pace. The only limitation is that your Android TV runs at least Android 5.0 (Lillipop). 

Besides, here you will find the guide How to Set Up CyberGhost VPN on your Android TV. Step by step, from installing the app from Google Play store on your device with Android TV OS, through use.

Additionally, you can use the same CyberGhost VPN account to protect your anonymity, secure your data privacy, and help you enjoy total online freedom on up to 7 devices at the same time.

Are you ready to tap into that mammoth content library your Android TV has on offer?

Grab your 73% discount and unlock a whole new universe of streaming entertainment

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