The Upcoming MGCOOL Explorer 2C will integrate 7-glass HD Lens

MGCOOL is a premium company, which sells action camera, wearables and audio accessories. The engineers at MGCOOL are always working towards the development of new range of cameras infused with latest technological trends. For example, the recently released MGCOOL Explorer Pro was equipped with Sharkeye lens. The latest news emerging from the in-house production facility is that the upcoming MGCOOL Explorer 2C will integrate 7-glass lens HD instead of the conventional 6-glass lens.

MGCOOL Explorer 2C


The addition of an ultra-modern lens in the MGCOOL Explorer 2C will surely set new benchmarks in the road of MGCOOL action camera’s development. The main highlight of the 7-glass lens manufactured by MGCOOL is that it ensures better transmittance and clearer image.

Moreover, the lens comes with color correction techniques including improvement of the sharpness and increase in the light transmission rate. The 7-glass lens will provide light correction in addition to improving the permeability. The lens included with the MGCOOL Explorer 2C will provide a capability to filter out stray, ultraviolet and infrared lights. The main purpose of the addition of 7 layers of glass optical lens is to enhance the intake of light. You will be able to capture crisp, detailed and rich images and videos when compared with other competing action cameras.

Talking about the specifications, the MGCOOL Explorer 2C incorporates a 2-inch touch display, which helps you to work with the camera easily. The 170-degree wide angle lens helps you to capture stunning visuals from around your corner. You will be able to capture images up to 20MB. Moreover, the 30m waterproof case helps you to protect your camera.

MGCOOL will launch the new Explorer 2C within the next few days. You will be able to purchase the camera at stunning prices from Gearbest and Banggood. Moreover, the company is also planning to sell the new camera via flash sales to garner attention among the fans and tech enthusiasts.


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