UGOOS X4 TV Box Series (X4 Cube, X4 Pro, X4 Plus) with S905X4 SoC


Recently, UGOOS unveiled the X4 TV Box family series devices based on S905X4 SoC with Android 11 OS. The UGOOS X4 Cube, X4 Pro and X4 Plus Android 11 TV Box are part of the UGOOS X4 TV Box series. Sounds familiar. UGOOS already has X3 TV Box family series based on S905X3 SoC in its portfolio.


UGOOS X4 Android 11 TV Box series powered by S905X4 SoC

We recently wrote about the new TV Box from the X4 series, and more precisely UGOOS X4 Pro here. The new X4 series is completed by the UGOOS X4 Cube and UGOOS X4 Plus Android TV Box models.


Availability and price

At the moment, you can find UGOOS X4 Pro S905X4 Android 11 TV Box on Aliexpress for $108.24 (SZBOX store, 1$ OFF use coupon: UGOOSX4PRO) and $113.10 (via Vontar store, use coupon: VONTARSUPER (1$ OFF)). 

If there are offers with other X4 models, we’ll let you know. Additionally, you can order the devices by contacting via the UGOOS website.

UGOOS X4 TV Box Family Series Release

As for the visual differences from the previous X3 series, not much has changed here. Device housings are marked adequately to the selected series and the given specification of a specific model. The difference between the X4 Cube, X4 Pro and X4 Plus versions is not great, but significant when it comes to use.

The UGOOS X4 Cube TV Box comes with 2GB RAM DDR4 and 16GB eMMC. X4 Pro Android TV Box is equipped with 4GB RAM and 32GB eMMC. While UGOOS X4 Plus TV Box has 4GB RAM and 64GB eMMC.

All X4 series models are powered by the aforementioned Amlogic S905X4 SoC which supports 4K AV1 decoding. In the UGOOS portfolio you will also find UGOOS AM7 Android TV Box also powered by S905X4 SoC. AM7 review here.

UGOOS’s X4 TV Boxes runs on Android 11 OS, and also have UGOOS settings (Samba, Hardware monitor, etc.) known from other devices, including UGOOS AM6 (review here). In addition, the devices support Dual-Bnad Wifi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2 and Gigabit Ethernet. More below.

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UGOOS X4 PRO Android 11 TV Box powered by Amlogic S905X4

UGOOS X4 TV Box Family Series Specification

New Ugoos Voice Remote Controls

On the occasion of the release of the X4 series, UGOOS announced the introduction of new Bluetooth voice remote controls. On the occasion of UGOOS AM7, we could see the new UGOOS voice remote (UR01-BLE). In addition to bluetooth connection, the pilot supports IR module with learning button function gives the ability to get rid of other remotes and use only one for both Android TV Box and TV screen.

Besides, the remote control has the airmouse function. The new bluetooth voice remote should be delivered with the X 4 TV Box series, and it will also be possible to purchase them separately and use them with other Android TV Boxes. More details here.


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