TICWRIS Smartwatch 618 Mid Year Sales: Up to 50% off (Deal)


TICWRIS Smartwatch – TICWRIS GTS and TICWRIS Max from June 15th to 21st are available on 618 Mid Year Sale shopping event via TICWRIS official store at Aliexpress. TICWRIS doing huge sales on both models. Check details about deals and features smartwatches.

TICWRIS Smartwatch GTS

Availability and price

As we mentioned, from June 15th to 21st, the TICWRIS official store at Aliexpress is doing huge sales on both models.


TICWRIS GTS Bluetooth Smartwatch now is a stunning 25.32 USD (ORP: $49.98 USD) – 1-dollar coupon:PRAY4WORLD

TICWRIS Max Huge Screen Smartwatch now is at 134.34USD(ORP: 182.49 USD) – 5-dollar coupon:HI5MAX

Here’s the TICWRIS official store link.

TICWRIS GTS and TICWRIS Max / TICWRIS Smartwatch Overview Features


Ticwris GTS is a new option on the TICWRIS list of budget smartwatches on discount and packs a pretty neat square-screen design. It boasts a color display and adds all the essential features that you’re looking for. If you’re up for it, the Ticwris GTS is available at a 44 percent off, priced at $27.99. Head over to this link to get it. GTS  is the first watch with a temperature sensor you may have, which better to take care of your health and epidemic prevention anytime and anywhere.

TICWRIS GTS Smartwatch Features

Real-time Monitor Body Temperature, Care For Health And Epidemic Prevention 

TICWRIS GTS is a smartwatch that monitors the body temperature in real-time. Built-in professional temperature sensor, which has been through the laboratory reliable data verification.

Early warning of high body temperature, Keep Abreast of Abnormity

You can set the high-temperature warning in the LinkTo Sports App according to your personal temperature status. For example, you can set the warning body temperature at a minimum of 36.8 ° C. LinkTo Sports issues an alert to remind you to take further steps if your current body temperature exceeds the record.

Blood Oxygen Saturation Level Monitor

Mountain climbing, strenuous exercise, drinking, or high-intensity mental work can lead to declining oxygen saturation levels. As your oxygen levels fall, you may begin experiencing symptoms of hypoxemia. TICWRIS GTS is a noninvasive device that estimates the amount of oxygen in your blood by sending infrared light into capillaries in your pulse.

Blood Pressure Measurement

TICWRIS GTS can measure systolic and diastolic pressure via the sensor on the back of the watch, which helps to realize health status in real-time.

Heart Rate Monitor

When you are playing all kinds of sports, heart rate is a key indicator of your overall health. HRS3300 heart rate sensor detects your pulse continuously and helps you maintain the optimal heart rate target zone for your specific goal.

Delicate glass,edge-rounded and crystal clear

4D curved glass +1.3 inch TFT capacitive touch screen that offers a super bright and clear display effect, and very smooth to operate.


Pedometer, distance measurement, calorie consumption monitoring, sleep monitoring, time display, incoming call reminder, intelligent alarm, intelligent remote control camera, find phone, notification reminder (WeChat, QQ, SMS, Facebook, Twitter), event sedatory & water-drinking reminder. 7 sports modes: Sport Walking, Walking, Running, Indoor Running, Cycling, Climbing, Swimming. Long battery life: 5 days for daily use and the standby time up to 20 days.

TICWRIS MAX Smartwatch

TICWRIS Max  Smartwatch surprises the market not only by its technological progress but also its ability to zero in on a barely exploited niche. The TICWRIS Max 4G seems to be one of them; it is essentially a small smartphone with a wristband and a bargain price tag, at less than $150.

TICWRIS MAX Smartwatch Features

A big watch is how one could describe the TICWRIS Max. Huge 2.86-inch HD screen with a thickness of 15mm and a footprint of 50 x 74mm, it looks like a smaller version of the iPhone 3G when viewed from above, and at 155g, it is actually heavier than the aforementioned Apple handset.

The TICWRIS Max 4G combines glass with metal and ABS plastic (for the actual unit) and a rubber strap – similar to those on cheap Casio watches – that is 34mm at its widest and almost 210mm long, enough for most common wrist diameters

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