TICWRIS GTS is a Personal Health Consultant on the Wrist now for $29.99


TICWRIS GTS is is a budget smartwatch that allows you to measure body temperature in real-time. Now is available at a very attractive price, only $29.99!.

Availability and price

As we mentioned, TICWRIS GTS Bluetooth Smartwatch now is available for $29.99 in the TICWRIS official store at Aliexpress. You can also use 1-dollar coupon:PRAY4WORLD


TICWRIS GTS Overview Features

TICWRIS brand in addition to the larger 4G smartwatch, called TICWRIS MAX has a smaller and budget smartwatch called TICWRIS GTS

Brand fights its way to contribute its part to help people to have a better understanding of their body health condition in this global contagious disease crisis. They released its new model of smartwatch called TICWRIS GTS at an affordable price that’s lower than 30 dollars and with the functions of body temperature, blood oxygen rate, blood pressure, heart rate, sleep, and sport monitoring

GTS Smartwatch Features


Thermometer function

TICWRIS GTS provides you a 24/7 real-time monitor of your body temperature. As we all know that body temperature number now acts as a powerful key to access to the outdoor social-distancing social life. This crucial number under your supervising is just a great relief no matter to you or your family.


Blood Oxygen Rate Monitoring

Another vital number nowadays is your blood oxygen saturation level. It states how healthy your lungs are. As a respiratory disease virus, the coronavirus is harming people’s health by invading into your lungs and gradually lower your blood oxygen levels. With lower blood oxygen levels, all organs in our body are like the rusty parts in a robot with no electricity supply. This robot will stand no chance to beat any enemies. Arm yourself and family with GTS. ”Watch” your blood oxygen rate. Make it through a hard time.


Pure Simplicity Classic Design

TICWRIS GTS smartwatch is with a classic look of the design conception of pure simplicity. GTS smartwatch has a 1.3″ TFT screen with 4D curved glass, and also has 7 sport modes. The three color choices are the classic black, navy blue and pale pink which make it a perfect gift choice for no matter yourself or family or friends, male or female. GTS can be such a fashion statement and another tech piece that smarter your life. Healthy and brainy is the new sexy. 


TICWRIS is not a big corporation, just a start-up brand backed up by several senior factories which have survived in the electronics manufacturing field for more than 10 years. This is the third year after TICRIS was established. TICWRIS is now weathering the devastating shut-down all around the world, which is almost deadly for most Foreign trade companies including TICWRIS. Be that as it may, TICWRIS still stands here, and prides itself by releasing their special model to cope with the COVID-19 situation.

Check the detailed description and specifications of TICWRIS GTS  here.

As the CEO & Founder, Mr. Wu said, “The price of GTS is around 100 dollars lower than the first model TICWRIS max. But TICWRIS GTS worth so much more than just what is shown on the price tag. I just want all people can have access to this fabulous piece of modern technology art, what’s more important, have better knowledge and control of their health condition in this pandemic.“

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