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The new firmware v1.0.3.1 for Zidoo x9 Release

We have good news, there is a new firmware for Zidoo X9 (v1.0.3.1 release).

Zidoo X9 TV Box powered by Mstar MSO9810 that also comes with an HDMI input port, but this time, they’ve implemented a PVR function, so if you have a low end satellite, cable, or terrestrial receiver, you can connect it to Zidoo X9 and record programs, which makes it much more useful.


zidoo x9New firmware v1.0.3.1 can be downloaded here. What we find in the new firmware v1.0.3.1 update list:


1.Optimized Googleplay.

2.Increase the support of Google TV remote control.

3.Fixed the problem that Zidoo RC stops running.

4.Add the output of 4k2k_24hz.


1.Solved the problem that will stop recording automatically when the recorded file is more than 1.9G with the MP4 format, optimized to save the current recorded file automatically and automatically create a new file to go on recording.

2.It will pop-up prompts when the storage is less than 100M, it will save the recorded files and stop recording automatically when the space is less than 50M.

3.During recording, it can continue to record when the HDMI Input signal interrupts within 1min.


1.Optimized the function of breakpoint play.

2.Add support of Simplified Chinese coding in the subtitles.

3.Optimized the display problem that controls menu when playing.


Source: Zidoo Forums


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