TCL breeva A1 Air Purifier for a Room up to 15m2 with HEPA Filter (Deal)


TCL breeva A1 is a home air purifier with a genuine HEPA H13 filter for a room up to 15m2. The quality of the air that surrounds us has a huge impact on our health. Every day we inhale various types of dust, smog, PM 2.5, microbes, smoke odors, etc. Therefore, it is worth using purifiers, preferably with a HEPA filter. If you have been thinking about a small and effective home air purifier, be sure to pay attention to breeva A1 from the TCL brand. *Below you will find a deal for this purifier.

TCL Breeva A1 Home Air Purifier

TCL breeva A1 Home Air Purifier Overview Features

As we mentioned, with all the contaminants that we come into contact with every day, the breeva A1 is able to cleanse (for rooms up to 15m2). TCL’s air purifier has 3-Stage Filtration. Combined with Fine Preliminary Filter, True HEPA H13 Filter (HEPA filter, filters particles smaller than PM2.5), and Activated Carbon Filter.


It is worth noting that the device is not too big (32x20x20 cm compact body). Can be easily moved between the bedroom, kitchen, desktop, and bathroom. In addition, has a metal housing provided with many holes to allow absorption of contaminants in the range of 360 degrees. After filtering and purifying, breeva A1 blows up fresh air from the top of the body which makes all-rounded air circulation indoors thoroughly.

TCL breeva A1 Home Air purifier

How to use breeva A1?

The device is very easy to use and control. First, remove the power adapter and mount the 3-in-1 HEPA filter inside the device and connect to the power supply.

We have several settings at our disposal, such as operating time, fan speed (3 fan fpeeds, 26dB low-speed sleep mode), and child lock.

TCL breeva A1 Home Air purifier

In addition, the TCL breeva A1 air purifier has LED illumination on the top for a better mood. 3 solid colors (blue light, green light, purple light), and Multicolor cycle mode. The purifier’s lighting will blend in nicely with the lighting in the player’s room.

TCL breeva A1 Home Air purifier
TCL breeva A1 Home Air purifier

Availability and price

You can find breeva A1 Home Air Purifier with HEPA filter on the Amazon store. As we mentioned, we have a deal for you.

You can now purchase the TCL breeva A1 on for $44.99 after coupon: TCLLIVE20 (20% OFF) [Expire Date: April. 15, 0:00:00 AM to April. 18 11:59:00 PM EST]

Air Purifier is shipped with a 3-layer cleaning filter, power adapter, manual, and customer card.

Is it worth buying a TCL breeva A1 Air Purifier?

If you are looking for a reliable home air purifier for a small room (up to 15 m2) then yes, the TCL breeva A1 should satisfy you. Breeva A1 equipped with 3-Stage Filtration with HEPA filter will ensure good air quality for you and your loved ones (according to the manufacturer, it removes up to 99.97% of pollutants from the environment).

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*Don’t forget to use the discount coupon


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