• Firmware
    New ZIDOO firmware v6.3.30 / Firmware v6.3.30G

    New Firmware v6.3.30 / G for ZIDOO’s Flagship Android Media Players

    We have good news, there is new firmware v6.3.30 / v6.3.30G for ZIDOO’s flagship android media players. New firmware is available for ZIDOO Z9X, Z10 PRO, Z1000 PRO, and UHD3000 High-end media player. These latest Android Media players in the ZIDOO’s portfolio are powered by the new Realtek RTD1619DR SoC.…

  • Firmware

    New Firmware ZIDOO Z9X/Z10 Pro v6.0.45 release

    We have good news, there is new firmware ZIDOO Z9X and ZIDOO Z10 Pro v6.0.45/v6.0.45_G beta version for the TV Boxes from ZIDOO. ZIDOO Z9X and ZIDOO Z10 Pro are the latest Android Media players in the portfolio of this vendor, which are also…

  • TV Box
    ZIDOO Z10 Pro and ZIDOO Z9X

    ZIDOO Z10 Pro & ZIDOO Z9X Flasghip Media Players Now Available

    ZIDOO Z10 Pro, ZIDOO Z9X and Z1000 Pro are new ZIDOO’s flagship media players RTD1619DR Series. At the moment there are available two 4K Android media players, ZIDOO Z9X and Z10 Pro. Prices and details can be found below. Availability and…

  • TV Box
    New RTD1619DR Series ZIDOO Z10 PRO, ZIDOO Z9X, ZIDOO Z1000 PRO

    New ZIDOO’s Media Players RTD1619DR Series: Z10 PRO, Z1000 PRO, and Z9X

    We recently wrote about the upcoming new ZIDOO Z9X powered by Realtek RTD1619DR SoC. As it turns out, the ZIDOO company has prepared a new Media Players RTD1619DR Series, which includes the (mentioned) ZIDOO Z9X, ZIDOO Z10 PRO, and ZIDOO…

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