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    ZOTAC ZBOX C Series CI645, CI625, and CI665 nano fanless Mini PC powered by Tiger Lake processor

    ZBOX C Series Nano Fanless (Barebone) Mini PCs with Tiger Lake Chips

    Recently, the ZOTAC brand released the new ZBOX C series of nano fanless Mini PCs powered by latest 11th Gen Intel Core processors. New ZBOX CI645, CI625, and CI665 nano are offered as barebone Mini PCs. Tiger Lake ZBOX C…

  • Mini PC

    Zotac ZBOX C-Series is a line of silent, fanless mini PCs for $150 and up

    Zotac is launching a new line of tiny desktop computers with passive cooling. That means they’re no noisy fan spinning, which could make the new Zotac ZBOX C-Series boxes good choices for folks looking to build a media center PC.…

  • Mini PC

    Zotac will launch fanless mini PC this summer

    Zotac has been offering tiny desktop computers for a few years, but this summer the company plans to add a few new models featuring passive cooling. That means they’ll have well-ventilated cases, passive heat sinks, and no noisy fans. There…

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