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Top Gemini Lake Mini PCs

Top Gemini Lake Mini PCs at Geekbuying (Promo)

On Geekbuying is still celebrating the 6th anniversary, where you will find biggest savings at various devices including Gemini Lake Mini PCs. Now Top Gemini Lake Mini PCs are available at very attractive prices. On the promotion you will find: Chuwi GBox Mini PC for $189.99,

GOLE1 Plus

HiGOLE GOLE1 Plus Mini PC now for $189.99 (Promo)

Most of you probably had the opportunity to see an interesting device from HiGOLE called HiGOLE GOLE1 Plus. It is a larger mini PC than the previous version of GOLE1 with a touchscreen. As you know GOLE1 Plus Mini PC has an 8-inch touchscreen, and