• TV Box
    UGOOS X4 TV Box series powered by S905X4 SoC

    UGOOS X4 TV Box Series (X4 Cube, X4 Pro, X4 Plus) with S905X4 SoC

    Recently, UGOOS unveiled the X4 TV Box family series devices based on S905X4 SoC with Android 11 OS. The UGOOS X4 Cube, X4 Pro and X4 Plus Android 11 TV Box are part of the UGOOS X4 TV Box series.…

  • Firmware
    UGOOS AM7 Firmware v1.0.2 OTA update

    UGOOS AM7 Firmware v1.0.2 Available via OTA update

    We have good news, UGOOS company prepared new UGOOS AM7 firmware v1.0.2. New firmware for UGOOS AM7 S905X4 Android TV Box is available via OTA update. Availability and price UGOOS AM7 Android TV Box is available for $167.13 (Official UGOOS store) at Aliexpress. TV Box is shipped with…

  • TV Box
    UGOOS X4 PRO Android 11 TV Box powered by Amlogic S905X4

    UGOOS X4 PRO is Another S905X4 Android 11 TV Box

    UGOOS, in addition to the current UGOOS AM7, has launched another S905X4 Android 11 TV Box called X4 PRO. Interestingly, on Aliexpress you can find this S905X4 TV Box also under other manufacturers, such as Vontar. Availability and price UGOOS…

  • Review
    Review UGOOS AM7 S905X4 Android 11 TV Box

    UGOOS AM7 Review: Android 11 TV Box supports 4K AV1 decoding

    We’re already after testing, so today, we would like to show you the UGOOS AM7 review. As you know UGOOS AM7 is the first Android TV Box in the UGOOS portfolio powered by the latest Amlogic S905X4 SoC supporting 4K…

  • TV Box
    UGOOS AM7 Android 11 TV Box S905X4 SoC AV1 decoding

    UGOOS AM7 Android 11 TV Box Features S905X4 SoC Available for $169

    Finally, UGOOS AM7 Android 11 TV Box powered by S905X4 SoC is available on Aliexpress for everyone. If you’ve been waiting for the AM7 S905X4 TV Box offer to appear, now is your chance to take advantage of it. This…

  • Firmware
    Firmware v0.4.2 for UGOOS AM6, X3 and X2

    RC Firmware v0.4.2 for Ugoos AM6 Family (including AM6B), X2 and X3

    We have good news, UGOOS company prepared new release candidate firmware v0.4.2 for UGOOS AM6 family including new UGOOS AM6B Plus, and also for UGOOS Cube X2 / X3 Series models. Availability and price UGOOS AM6 TV Box you can find at Geekbuying store for $129.99. UGOOS Cube X3…

  • TV Box
    UGOOS AM7 S905X4 TV Box available

    UGOOS AM7 S905X4 TV Box Available But Now Only for Bulk Pre-orders

    Finally, the UGOOS AM7 is available for pre-order. However, the new AM7 S905X4 TV Box at the moment will only be available for bulk orders. We wrote about the new UGOOS AM7 at the end of October 2020. As always,…

  • TV Box
    UGOOS AM6B Plus S922X-J WiFi 6

    UGOOS AM6B Plus is an upgraded AM6 Plus version now with WiFi 6

    UGOOS company recently upgraded its one of the better Android TV Boxes called AM6 Plus. The new UGOOS AM6B Plus is also powered by the Amlogic S922X-J SoC but now supports WiFi 6. As you know some time ago, the Beelink…

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