pipo x7

  • Mini PC
    pipo x7

    Pipo X7 miniPC powered by Z3736F on sale for 80USD

    Pipo known for their wide range of Android and Windows 8 tablets has now launched their own miniPC TV box device to align with the current market trends. The Pipo X7 is powered by Intel Baytrail Z3736F (up to 2.16…

  • Mini PC
    pipo x7 mini pc with windows

    Pipo X7 Intel Atom Z3736 based Mini PC Sells for 79€

    After a few days of presentation we have the final specifications of mini pc PIPO X7. Pipo X7 is yet another mini PC powered by Intel Atom Z3735 / Z3736 quad core processor running Windows 8.1 with Bing, and since…

  • TV Box
    Pipo x7

    Pipo X7 is a Windows-powered TV box

    Chinese device maker Pipo has unveiled a new device that it’s calling an Intel TV box, but which could also be described as a tiny desktop computer. The Pipo X7 features an Intel Atom Bay Trail processor and runs Windows…

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