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    MECOOL KM2 review

    MECOOL KM2 Review: First MECOOL’s Netflix 4K Certified TV Box

    We’re already after testing the first MECOOL’s Netflix 4K certified Android TV streaming device called MECOOL KM2. So here’s the MECOOL KM2 review. Surely you could have found the statement MECOOL KM2 killer (tamer) Mi Box / Mi Box S…

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    MECOOL KM2 Certified Media Streaming player

    MECOOL’s KM2 Certified Media Streaming Player Pre-order now for $62

    About KM2 certified media streaming player from MECOOL brand, we mentioned some time ago. Finally, the MECOOL KM2 offer has appeared. The device is available for pre-sale. If you are looking for a Google and Netflix certified device then you…

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    MECOOL KM2 Netflix Certified streaming device

    MECOOL KM2 is a New Netflix Certified Android TV 4K Streaming Device

    MECOOL KM2 is a new Netflix and Google Certified Android TV 4K streaming device with the new Google reference design remote control. This is also the first MECOOL’s Netflix certified 4K Android TV Box, so it finally supports Netflix 4K…

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