HiSilicon Hi3798M V200

  • TV Box
    Formuler CC

    Formuler CC is a New Hybrid TV Box Specially designed for Cord-Cutters

    Formuler CC is a new Hybrid TV Box with a built-in over-the-air (terrestrial) tuner (DVB-T/C or ATSC Tuner). More below. The Formuler brand recently launched a new media streamer called Formuler GTV, which runs Android TV (review here). This time,…

  • Review
    MAG425A Review

    Infomir MAG425A Review: 4K Android TV Box with Voice Remote

    Today we would like to show you the Infomir MAG425A review. This time we had the opportunity to test a European manufacturer’s device. Infomir is a group of companies that specializes in the development, design, production and maintenance of equipment and…

  • Firmware
    Himedia Q30

    New firmware HMD-2.1.1 for HiMedia Q30 TV Box (20181225) Release

    We have good news, there is a new firmware HMD-2.1.1 (OTA zip file via SD update) for HiMedia Q30 TV Box (20181225) powered by HiSilicon Hi3798M V200 SoC. This is a big plus for the HiMedia manufacturer responsible for  HiMedia Q30, and this is good news for all who choose to purchase…

  • HDMI Sticks
    HiMedia S1

    HiMedia S1 is a new TV Dongle with Android TV 8.0

    Most of you do not need to introduce the company HiMedia. This is one of the leaders on the Android TV Boxes market. They have many flagship Android media players in their portfolio, for example, HiMedia Q10 Pro and more.…

  • TV Box
    Infomir MAG424Aw3

    Infomir MAG424 UHD IPTV/OTT TV Box Series coming soon

    If you have not yet had the opportunity to meet Infomir company, we would like to remind you that Infomir is a manufacturer of MAG set-top boxes for IPTV/OTT. Recently, Infomir has announced the appearance of several new devices on the…

  • Review

    HiMedia Q30 Review: Android TV Box powered by HiSilicon Hi3798M V200

    We are after testing the Himedia Q30 TV Box so today we want to introduce you to HiMedia Q30 review. Undoubtedly, this is a splendid great TV Box from HiMedia, but the firmware requires some optimization and improvement of some features.…

  • TV Box
    Himedia Q30

    HiMedia Q30 Android TV Box powered by HiSilicon Hi3798M V200 Unboxing (Video)

    Today we want to show you the unboxing of HiMedia Q30 TV Box. HiMedia Q30 is the latest TV Box in the HiMedia portfolio featuring one of the newer SoC called HiSilicon Hi3798M V200. It is worth mentioning that Himedia company…

  • TV Box
    Himedia Q30

    HiMedia Q30 TV Box powered by HiSilicon Hi3798M V200 coming soon

    Today we have news for you about the upcoming new TV Box from HiMedia. Recently at the Global Sources Electronics Fair in Hong Kong, HiMedia company (HiMedia Technology Limited – unveiled a new Android TV Box called HiMedia Q30 powered…

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