HDMI 2.1

  • Smart TV
    Mediatek MT9638

    MediaTek MT9638 is a New 4K Smart TV SoC with AI-powered features

    Mediatek MT9638 is a new premium 4K Smart TV SoC with MEMC, AI-Enhanced Super Resolution & Image from Mediatek company. The new MT9638 chip (Quad-core Arm Cortex-A55 64-bit CPU, up to 1.5GHz frequency), is designed for TV manufacturers to create…

  • Smart TV
    Redmi MAX TV 86"

    Redmi MAX TV 86 new 4K UHD Smart TV Giant with 120Hz, HDMI 2.1…

    Redmi MAX TV 86″ is the new another giant Smart TV after Redmi MAX 98″ in Redmi brand portfolio. The slightly smaller and at the same time much cheaper Redmi MAX 86″ also impresses. Redmi MAX TV 86” Overview Features…

  • TV Box
    Beelink GT1mini-2

    Beelink GT1mini-2 TV Box with Voice Remote, and S905X3 SoC Presale

    We recently wrote about the announcement of the new GT1-Mini 2 TV Box from Beelink. Now is an available at presale on Gearbest. As it is not difficult to notice, the name changed to Beelink GT1mini-2. However, the revelation about…

  • Review
    Beelink GT-King review

    Beelink GT-King Review: Powerful TV Box powered by new S922X SoC

    We’re already after testing, so today, we would like to show you the Beelink GT-King review. As most of you remember GT-King TV Box is one of the first TV Boxes equipped with the new Amlogic S922X chipset, and at the…

  • Deals
    Beelink GT-King

    Beelink GT-King with S922X SoC now for $115.99 (Promo)

    Without a doubt, Beelink GT-King is the most awaited by fans of the TV Boxes and Beelink brand TV Box on the market. The housing with a “skull” catches the eye and makes an amazing impression that has never been…

  • TV Box
    Beelink GT-King

    $118 Beelink GT-King Powerful TV Box powered by new S922X SoC

    For some time, we often mention the upcoming new Beelink GT-King TV Box. Today we have good news for you, the new Beelink GT-King Android TV Box appeared on the Gearbest store in a flash sale for [Update 05/21/19] $109.99 with…

  • TV Box
    Beelink GT1-K

    Beelink GT-King powered by new Amlogic S922X Coming Soon

    Most of you do not need to introduce the Beelink brand. Certainly, many of you use TV Boxes or Mini PCs from Beelink. Today we have news for you about the new TV Box from Beelink which should appear in…

  • Firmware
    Magicsee N5 Max

    New firmware for N5 MAX with S905X2 SoC (20190306) Release

    We have good news, there is a new firmware (.img file for PC flash firmware) for Magicsee N5 MAX (update 20190306) powered by Amlogic S905X2 SoC. A big plus for the manufacturer N5 MAX that also finally released the update. If someone has not yet decided or are planning to buy, Magicsee N5 MAX (4GB DDR4/32GB) is available…

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