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    Google's G10 and G20 Google TV reference design remote controls for Android TV streaming device

    Google’s G10 & G20 Reference Design Remote Dedicated to Android TV

    From the beginning of March 2021, you may have noticed the appearance of Android TV streaming devices accompanied by new voice remote controls. The Google’s G10 and G20 reference design remote controls, are new remote controls that will stay in…

  • TV Box
    Geniatech ATV495Max

    Geniatech ATV495Max Android TV Box with Android TV Official Certification

    At the end of August we wrote about DV8219 OTT TV Box from SDMC which received Android TV Official Certification. Today we have another great news for you. To the group authorized company in China who offer TV Boxes with Android TV…

  • TV Box
    SDMC DV8219 Android TV

    DV8219 OTT TV Box from SDMC now with Android TV Official Certification

    You had the opportunity to meet SDMC company (Shenzhen SDMC Technology Co., Ltd.) and some of its TV Boxes.  For those who do not yet know the SDMC company, we remind you that this is one of the well-known TV Box manufacturers, but not…

  • Other
    chromecast 2nd-gen

    New Chromecast and Chromecast Audio – looks better and supports Wi-Fi 802.11ac

    New Chromecast (2nd generation) as the previous is used to video streaming. Chromecast Audio version, will check in the wireless transmission of music. Chromecast for video works similarly to the first version of which debuted on the market in 2013.…

  • TV Box
    Google Nexus Player

    Google Nexus Player soon in Europe

    Soon Google Nexus Player will be available in Europe. The device will go on sale in the UK for two days already. Nexus Player with Android TV is currently available only in three countries in the world and are the…

  • TV Box

    Asus Chromebox available for pre-order for $179

    The first Chrome OS desktop computer from Asus is now available for pre-order. The Asus Chromebox-M004U is a tiny desktop with an Intel Celeron processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, and a $179 price tag. It’s expected to ship…

  • Linaro developer talks Android 4.4

    Linaro Android developer Bernhard Rosenkränzer talks about KitKat, talks about the Linaro Connect and talks about the plans for Linaro on Android in the future. Source: Posted by: Charbax

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