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    BuzzTV XRS 4900 IPTV Android TV Box with BuzzTV ARQ-100 Remote with Keyboard and air mouse

    BuzzTV XRS 4900 S922X TV Box with ARQ-100 Remote Pre-order Now

    Now on BuzzTV store you will find Powerful BuzzTV’s S922X XRS 4900 IPTV Android TV Box in combination with BuzzTV ARQ-100 Remote. ARQ-100 in addition to the typical features, the universal remote has the QWERTY Keyboard and Air Mouse feature.…

  • HDMI Sticks
    BuzzTV VidStick IR IPTV Streaming Stick

    BuzzTV VidStick IR TV Stick with an IR-100L (luminous) remote controller

    BuzzTV has added to its portfolio a “new” version of its popular VidStick IPTV Streaming Stick. BuzzTV VidStick IR is the well known ST4000 TV Stick (VidStick). But in this version comes with new IR-100L remote controller which has luminous…

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    BuzzTV Android TV Boxes Prime Day Deals

    BuzzTV Android TV Boxes $20 OFF Prime & Fathers Day Promo (Deals)

    BuzzTV brand launched a promotion on the occasion of Prime Day and Fathers day. Now you can save $20 by buying any BuzzTV Android TV Boxes (for example, XRS 4900). Availability and price As we mentioned on the occasion of…

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    2 BuzzTV VIDSTICK MAX bundle deal

    2 BuzzTV VIDSTICK Max Bundle Now $40 OFF

    The most powerful Android TV Stick called BuzzTV VIDSTICK MAX now is available for the Father’s Day Special promo. Now you can purchase 2 VIDSTICK MAX bundle $40 OFF, nice! Availability and price The Father’s Day Special promotion by BuzzTV…

  • HDMI Sticks

    BuzzTV VIDSTICK MAX Android TV Stick (S905Y2 SoC) Pre-order now

    VIDSTICK MAX is another Android TV Stick from the BuzzTV brand. It is also, (as is not hard to guess) another version of the popular BuzzTV Vidstick. The MAX version offers more space for data. Availability and price If you…

  • TV Box
    Buzztv XRS4900

    BuzzTV XRS4900 Android TV Box powered by S922X SoC Pre-order Now

    BuzzTV XRS4900 is the most powerful TV Box from the BuzzTV brand, powered by the Amlogic S922X SoC. We wrote about the XRS 4900 Android TV Box announcement here. Already the TV Box is available for presale. Availability and price…

  • TV Box
    BuzzTV XRS4500 MAX

    BuzzTV XRS4500 MAX TV Box powered by Amlogic S905X3 SoC

    BuzzTV XRS4500 MAX is an upgrade of the XRS4500 TV Box, in the MAX version this Android TV Box has 4GB RAM DDR4 and 128GB eMMC (for users who need large storage).  Availability and price XRS4500 MAX TV Box (4GB/128GB) from…

  • TV Box
    BuzzTV Essentials E1

    BuzzTV Essentials e1 TV Box powered by S905W SoC (Deal)

    BuzzTV Essentials e1 is one of the cheaper TV Boxes in the BuzzTV brand portfolio. It is powered by the well-known Amlogic S905W SoC. Now the Essentials e1 TV Box now is available at a promotional price. Availability and price…

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