Beelink GT-King review

  • Firmware
    Beelink GT-King

    New 916P0 Firmware for Beelink GT-King Android TV Box

    We have good news. Beelink has released a new 916P0 firmware for Beelink GT-King TV Box (with WIFI & BT: AP6356S / AP6275S). Build number firmware 916P0. Beelink GT-King review you will find here. Firmware is available as .img and .zip OTA File for GT-King (for C92X, SA9X, SB9X, 6B9X versions). Availability…

  • TV Box
    GT-King Wifi 6

    GT-King with WiFi 6 TV Box powered by S922X SoC for $105.99 (Deal)

    Upgraded Beelink GT-King with WiFi 6 now available at a cheaper price with coupons at Geekbuying 11.11 Sale. Availability and price As we mentioned on Geekbuying 11.11 Sale 2020, there are coupons that can also be used to buy a…

  • TV Box
    Geekbuying Android TV Boxes Deals

    Android TV Boxes Deals (GT-King, AM6 Plus, etc.) at Geekbuying (Promo)

    Today we have for you several Android TV Boxes Deals available on Geekbuying store. Beelink GT-King, UGOOS AM6 Plus, X96 Air, and A95X F3 Slim are one of the better Android TV Box, and at the same time have a…

  • Firmware
    Firmware 910P0 Beelink GT-King Pro and Beelink GT-King

    New Firmware 910P0 for Beelink GT-King and GT-King Pro TV Box

    We have good news. Beelink has released a new firmware 910P0 for Beelink GT-King and  Beelink GT-King Pro TV Box (with WIFI & BT: AP6356S). Build number firmware 910P0. Beelink GT-King Pro review you will find here, Beelink GT-King review here. Firmware is…

  • Review
    GT-King Pro review

    Beelink GT-King Pro Review: Powerful S922X-H TV Box

    We’re already after testing, so today, we would like to show you the Beelink GT-King Pro review.  Is Beelink GT-King Pro powered by S922X-H SoC better than the Beelink GT-King we’ve already had the opportunity to test (GT-King review here)? You…

  • Deals
    Gearbest 11.11 Sale Beelink GT-King

    Gearbest 11.11 Sale: Beelink GT-King only for $99 (Deal)

    One of the largest shopping festival –  11.11 Sale – is just around the corner, but now you can find amazing promotions on Gearbest. Gearbest team for Gearbest 11.11 Sale has prepared attractive deals, including a deal on the Beelink…

  • TV Box
    Beelink GT-King

    Beelink GT-King TV Box (SDK) Promotion at Amazon Stores (Promo)

    Beelink GT-King is a new child in the Beelink brand portfolio. This is the first TV Box powered by the new Amlogic S922X chipset. Below you will find additional information and deals available at Amazon stores. The TV Box is…

  • Firmware
    Beelink GT-King

    New firmware for Beelink GT-King TV Box with S922X SoC (20190527)

    We have good news. Beelink has released a new firmware for the powerful Beelink GT-King TV Box update 20190527. This is a big plus for Beelink, and this is good news for all who choose to purchase Beelink GT-King. Beelink GT-King review here! The TV…

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