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m8s+ tv box

The new firmware for M8S+ TV Box with Amlogic S812 (20161219) Release

We have good news, there is a new firmware for  M8S+ TV Box (update 20161219). It is also good news for those that continue to use this TV Box. M8S+ is equipped with (as the previous model) Amlogic S812 processor supports 4K2K UHD, H.264 and H.265 decoding, in

mega giveaway


PROBOX2 EX+ TV Box is another Android TV Box in our MEGA GIVEAWAY. Recently we launched a contest for CloudnetGo CR18, ZIDOO X1 , K1 Plus TV Box and Sunvell T95. As you can see in the photo is 12 TV Boxes. Each giveaway will

TBee tv box

TBee Android TV Box Features Voice Command and Gesture Control powered by Amlogic S812

In mid-September we showed you atypical TV Box called Sunvell T95Z in hexagon shape, which on the top cover has a pressing honeycomb. Today we want to show you the TV Boxes  also having the shape of the hexagon, and also referring to the honeycomb,

SkyStream X5

SkyStream X5 Android TV Box with an ATSC Tuner

On the market is a lot of TV Boxes equipped with digital HDTV tuners. Everyone will find a suitable device with a tuner for themselves depending on the country in which you live, it may be a DVB-T, DVB-T2, ATSC, ISDB or ISDB-T. In addition


Geniatech ATV390 TV Box with HDMI OUT/IN powered by Amlogic S812

Geniatech is one of the most famous producers of TV Boxes. Today we want to show you a new device that appeared in a portfolio company called ATV390.On board ATV390 we find Amlogic S812 and two HDMI ports – HDMI OUT and HDMI IN, bringing with

probox2 ex+ unboxing

PROBOX2 EX+ Android TV Box powered by Amlogic S812 and PROBOX2 Remote+ Review

Recently you could read a review of two TV Boxes equipped with RK3368 (Emish X800 and ZIDOO X6 Pro). Today we want to introduce you to review TV Box equipped with SoC Amlogic S812 called PROBOX2 EX+ with a dedicated remote controller called PROBOX2 Remote+. EX+

PROBOX2 EX+ Android TV Box powered by Amlogic S812 and PROBOX2 Remote+ Unboxing (Video)

As you know there is a lot of TV Boxes equipped with Amlogic S812 and many manufacturers who produce devices with this chip. Today we want to show you the unboxing of the new TV Box from PROBOX2 called PROBOX2 EX+. Probably most of you remember


MXQ TV Box and M8S TV Box in Special Offer from Unuiga (Promo)

If you are looking TV Boxes for the project or business plan related to TV Boxes or simply looking for well known TV Boxes at a good price we have for you an interesting offer prepared by the Unuiga (Great Harmony Electronics Industrial Limited). MXQ

unuiga U41-6A

Unuiga U41-6A Android TV Box with Digital TV Tuner and HDMI OUT/IN powered by Amlogic S812

Unuiga (Great Harmony Electronics Industrial Limited) introduces a new TV Box model called Unuiga U41-6A. Unuiga brand probably most of you will remember from the TV Box model with built-in 3G modem called U49-2R. This time U41-6A TV Box is equipped with the SoC Amlogic