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Sunvell T95U PRO

The new firmware for Sunvell T95U PRO TV Box with Amlogic S912 (20170309) Release

We have good news, there is a new firmware for Sunvell T95U PRO (20170309) powered by Amlogic S912. This is a big plus for the manufacturer responsible for Sunvell brand, and this is a good news for all who choose to purchase Sunvell T95U PRO TV Box. If someone has not yet decided

Magicsee Iron+ TV Box powered by Amlogic S912 now Available for Presale

At the beginning of May we wrote about the new, unusual looking TV Boxes from Magicsee called Iron and Iron+. Probably Magicsee is an Intek (Shenzhen Intek Techology Co., Ltd) brand. Both TV Boxes Magicsee Iron+ and Magicsee Iron have a casing that looks unconventional and “cosmic”, as

V88 Mini II

SCISHION V88 Mini II Android TV Box powered by Rockchip RK3229 (Promo)

Today we want to show you another TV Box powered by Rockchip RK3229 on the promotion, this time from SCISHION brand called SCISHION V88 Mini II. The V88 Mini II is another TV Box featuring the RK3229 SoC in the SCISHION brand portfolio. We had the opportunity

Alfawise A95X R1

Alfawise A95X R1 Budget Android TV Box powered by Rockchip RK3229 (Promo)

Today we want to show you one of the budget Android TV Boxes called Alfawise A95X R1 powered by the well-known Rockchip RK3229 chipset. On the market is available many cheap / budget TV Boxes, which are very popular. Many users also experiment with this


MXQ HF10 Android TV Box with Built-in Bluetooth Speaker and Alexa Voice Service (Promo)

Last you could hear about the new MXQ HF TV Box, which has several new features never seen before in earlier Android TV Boxes. The new MXQ HF10 Android TV Box comes with the addition of the well-known SoC Amlogic S905X, an attractive casing (available

Magicsee Iron+

Magicsee IRON+ TV Box with 3GB RAM DDR4 powered by Amlogic S912

We have already seen various TV Boxes, or rather their housing. It would seem that the M9S Z8 housing looks like the Nvidia Shield, to this day. Today we want to show you a new TV Box with a new interesting and unusual housing called

Himedia Q30

HiMedia Q30 TV Box powered by HiSilicon Hi3798M V200 coming soon

Today we have news for you about the upcoming new TV Box from HiMedia. Recently at the Global Sources Electronics Fair in Hong Kong, HiMedia company (HiMedia Technology Limited – unveiled a new Android TV Box called HiMedia Q30 powered by new HiSilicon Hi3798M V200, previous

MeLE PCG03 Apo

MeLE PCG03 Apo Fanless Mini PC powered by Apollo Lake N3450 processor now for $159 (Promo)

We recently wrote about the upcoming new Mini PCs from MeLE (Shenzhen MeLE Star Technology Ltd.), and more specifically we mean the new MeLE PCG03 Apo powered by the Apollo Lake processor. We have good news for all those who are eagerly awaiting the availability


SDMC DV8230-AP Android TV Box with 4G LTE Router function

Today we want to show you a new TV Box from SDMC company (Shenzhen SDMC Technology Co., Ltd.) called SDMC DV8230-AP powered by Amlogic S905X. New SDMC DV8230-AP Android TV Box support 4G LTE and also has router function. For those who do not yet know the SDMC company, we remind