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T-Mobile’s New TVision HUB is a 4K Google TV Dongle with S905Y4 SoC


Recently, T-Mobile has introduced a new TVision HUB to its offer. TVision HUB is a 4K Certified Google TV Dongle powered by Amlogic S905Y4 SoC with 4K AV1 decoding. Interestingly, despite its small size, the device is equipped with an Ethernet port.

T-Mobile's New TVision HUB 4K Google TV Dongle powered by S905Y4 SoC with 4K AV1 decoding

As SEI Robotics informs through its tweet, the new TVision Hub is the result of cooperation between T-Mobile (US), SEi Robotics manufacturer and Google. The device was developed on the basis of the SEI Robotics SEI700TM model.


T-Mobiles’s new TVison Hub Overview Features

As we mentioned, this tiny 4K Streaming dongle is powered by Google TV software and an Amlogic S905Y4 chipset supports AV1 decoding. Besides, the new T-Mobile’s streaming device is an alternative to Chromecast with Google TV. In addition to the price of a similar price (TVision Hub cost now $49.99), T-Mobile’s device is distinguished by the presence of an Ethernet port.

New TVision Hub 4K Google TV Streamig dengle with AV1 decoding

In addition, the device supports 4K HDR streaming for the most popular services such as Netflix, Prime Video, Youtube etc. The device has a built-in Chromecast, and supports Google Assistant. 4K streaming TV Dongle was also equipped with an HDMI (2.1 probably), USB port (for power) and Fast Ethernet port (10/100Mbps).

New TVision HUB supports 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth support for headphones, game controllers and other accessories. Besides, 4K streaming device comes with voice remote control equipped with buttons for quick access to popular services.

New TVision HUB Google TV Dongle for $49.99

The new TVision HUB is available now for $49.99 on T-Mobile’s website. You can also finance it via EIP over 12 months for $4.17 per month. New T-Mobile Home Internet customers can get one free at signup.

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