Roborock Dyad Wet and Dry Cordless Vacuum Cleaner now for $399


Roborock brand has launched the sale of its new wet and dry cordless vacuum cleaner called Roborock Dyad. Now Roborock Dyad Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner is available in a great promotion that it is a pity to miss.

Roborock Dyad wet and dry cordless vacuum cleaner

Availability and price

The new Roborock Dyad Wet and Dry Cordless Vertical Vacuum Cleaner now is available at Geekbuying store for $399 (presale price).


Wet and dry vacuum cleaner is shipped with adaptor, cleaning brush, and charging base. Additionally, you can (but not required) purchase a dedicated Roborock floor cleaner (by Unilever) detergent. 

Roborock Dyad Wet and Dry Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Overview Features

Dyad by Roborock is certainly a device that will appeal not only to people who like to clean. Nevertheless, you can quickly and easily clean liquid dirt from any surface. 

Above all, the Dyad vacuum cleaner is a strong alternative to the new Dreame’s H11and H11 Max Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner. Additionally, it has better specs (for some features) as well as fewer unnecessary accessories.

Dyad wet and dry vacuum cleaner adjusts the suction level (up to 13000 Pa) according to the upfront mess detected by sensors. Vacuum cleaner comes with a clean water tank of 850ml that covers up to 280m² floor with a single charge. Used water tank has 620ml. Besides, Dyad features a dual roller motor supporting multi-roller wet / dry vacuum. While you are cleaning the floors, the brushes clean themselves. 

“One full-length main roller plus two rear rollers equal massive cleaning power. Right to both edges of the cleaning head, leaving dirt no escape.”

Roborock’s new wet and dry vacuum cleaner have the function of a self-cleaning brush. The mess is safely vacuumed, and the roller brush is clean during the cleanup. One push of a button and the dirty rolls turn into clean ones on the dock station.

Besides, with a battery capacity of 5000mAh, Dyad is suitable for large homes. Works up to about 35 minutes (auto mode). At the top, next to the handle, we find an advanced LED display showing battery, cleanliness, and working status. The device additionally notifies you with voice alerts about operation and errors.

Dyad by Roborock can stand on its own and be put away easily after cleanup. Just put the vacuum cleaner back to the dock, and the charging starts right away. More details on the Dyad product page.

Roborock Dyad wet and dry cordless vacuum cleaner

Comparison Specifications

Roborock Dyad   Tineco Floor One S3

H7 cordless stick vacuum

VS H7 cordless stick vacuum
13000Pa Max Suction Unknown
280W Rated Power 220w
3 Roll brushes 1
2 Motors 1
5000mAh Battery Capacity 4000mAh
850ml Clean tank Size 600ml
650ml Dirty tank Size 500ml
Auto/strong/absorbent Operating Modes Auto/absorbent
YES Voice broadcast YES
4 hrs Charging time 4h±0.5hrs
78dB Noise Level 78dB
180° Brush Head Rotation Angle 60°
$399 Price $399

Is it worth buying Roborock Dyad Vacuum Cleaner?

If you are looking for a universal wet and dry vacuum cleaner, then you should be interested in the new Dyad wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Regardless of whether it is ketchup stains, spilled milk or even eggs, the new Dyad vacuum cleaner will easily handle it.

The current pre-sale price ($399) is attractive. In addition, Christmas is coming soon, so it will be a good product for a Christmas gift, or cleaning before and after Christmas.

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