Retro Mini TV Video Game Console Built-in 500 Games (Promo)

Who among us does not remember the classic games on the TV video game console, hours spent playing games like Mario Bros, PacMan or Tetris. Many of us would like to go back to that moment. Now it is possible, we can enjoy classic video games for longer with Retro Mini TV Video Game Console Built-in 500 Games, now is available on Tomtop store for $14.99 + free shipping.

retro mini tv game


This small TV Video game console will keep you entertained and your kids will all be able to play old classic games from your childhood. This is a dozen examples of what games can be found: Mario Bros., Super Mario,F1Race, FieldCombat, FinalyLand, FormationZ, FrontLine, GalagaPlus, GalaxyPatrol, GlommyChess, Golf, Helicopter, Hexapod, Joust, Karateka, LongJump, LunarPool, Macross, MagicBubble, Mahjong, MakingLove, Maluex, Mappy, Millipede, Miner1, Motoboat, MoveBox, Muscle, Naitou9DanShougiHiden, Nibbles, NightArrow, Ninja2, BITHA, NinjaKun, NutsMilk, OptimusMinor, PacMan, PacPacland, PentaBase, Pinball, Poker, Pooyan, Popeye, popeyeJ, RaidonBungelingBay, RoadFighter, RumbleAndFrenzy, SansuuAsobi, SeaWar, SilentHunter, SkyDestroyer and more.

retro mini tv game

How to connect this small Retro Mini TV Handheld Video Game console? Just connect console with TV via AV cable, or use an AV to HDMI converter. In the package, you will find:  Game Console, 2x Game Handles, AV Cable, AC Electric Power Plug, User Manual (including English). If you are looking for a great way to entertain yourself or your relatives, then you should consider buying this retro mini video console, which is available at a promotional price on Tomtop, for $14.99. The price is not excessive considering that it has built-in 500 classic video games. The console will be a great gift for Christmas.

retro mini tv game


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