Realtek RTD1296 vs. Realtek RTD1295 – ZIDOO


Today we would like to show you some info about the difference between Realtek RTD1296 and RTD1295 on the example of ZIDOO’s high-end media players.

Realtek RTD1296

As you know ZIDOO has deep cooperation with Realtek. Why ZIDOO team decided to put the Realtek RTD1296 chipset in their 4K flagship TV Boxes you will find out below.


Released media players (ZIDOO Z9S, Z10, X20, X20 Pro) and upcoming ZIDOO UHD2000 are equipped with new chipset RTD1296DD.  Compared with the last generation Realtek RTD1295, RTD1296 has many optimizations in details, such as memory bandwidth, SATA processing capability, video processing capability and HDR processing capability.

The same process but RTD1296 ver. B is 50% larger than RTD1295 ver. B, there is more functions and better performance. RTD1296DD has better data bus processing capability, true 64-bit memory bandwidth, the response speed of system is more than 30% faster than RTD1295DD. 1296 chipset also supports dual channel independent SATA 3.0 can connect with two HDD at the same time without interfering each other. More below on pictures.

ZIDOO devices powered by Realtek RTD1296 features

Realtek RTD1296 vs. Realtek RTD1295

Besides, ZIDOO devices also have advantages in the following aspects:

  • 23.976 frame rate output accurately.
  • Beautiful and reliable poster wall with functions including automatic categorization, automatic collection, and automatic update, supporting to change posters and match custom layouts manually. All you have to do is adding a device.
  • Powerful subtitle download function, support external SUP/ASS special effects subtitles.
  • Music Player 3.0 support to generate artists, album cover and genres automatically. Support CUE track playback and list display, online lyrics matching, EQ special effects, and APP control.
  • Native support for SACD ISO/DSF/DFF/APE/FLAC/WAV/AIFF/ and other lossless music playbacks.
  • Breakthrough Android SRC limit, support up to 192KHZ sampling rate output through HDMI and SPDIF output.

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