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Powerful Beelink GT-King Pro TV Box now for $139.99

New powerful Beelink GT-King Pro TV Box now is available at Gearbest store for $139.99. GT-King Pro TV Box unlike previous versions of the SoC (S922X SoC and B922X SoC) are available in the GT-King, it is equipped with Amlogic S922X-H chipset

Beelink GT-King Pro promotion

GT-King Pro TV Box Overview

Certainly many of you wonder how the Beelink GT-King Pro TV Box differs from the previous GT-King TV Box (Beelink GT-King review here). Is it worth deciding to buy a new TV Box from Beelink. Below you will find the key features of Beelink’s GT-King Pro TV Box.


First of all, the new TV Box from Beelink is another powerful TV Box in the portfolio of this well-known vendor. It is also another TV Box with a skull design on the top of the housing.

Features Beelink’s Powerful TV Box

TV Box is equipped with the latest Amlogic S922X-H chipset supports high-end ESS Hi-Fi lossless sound quality, DTS Listen and Dolby audio decoding. TV Box features two ESS Hi-Fi decoding chips (ESS DAC-9108 DSP Audio 2.0 sound channel decoding Hi-Fi lossless sound quality), two RiCore RT6862 Top-quality Op-amp chips.

In addition, TV Box also supports Dolby audio and DTS Listen, HDMI 2.1 ([email protected]) output, 7.1 channel cinema-level audio decoding.

GT-King Pro TV Box

This time the housing of the new TV Box is made of aluminum and also has a small size (11.90 x 11.90 x 1.79 cm). In addition to the aforementioned S922X-H SoC, inside we will find 4GB RAM DDR4 and 64GB eMMC storage. TV Box also comes with 2.4G voice remote control features air mouse and runs on Android 9.0.

Beelink GT-King Pro

Availability and price

As we mentioned, new Beelink GT-King Pro TV Box now is available at Gearbest store for $139.99. Website with promotion here.

Is it worth buying a new TV Box from Beelink? If you’re looking for a 4K powerful TV Box for a home entertainment center / home theater then the Beelink GT-King Pro seems worth buying. It is also worth adding that Beelink often publishes firmware updates for its TV Boxes.


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