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allwinner h3 tv box

Allwinner H3 Android TV Boxes Are Now Selling

Allwinner H3 SoC was announced last month, promoted as a quad core processor for low cost ($35 to $50) media players with HEC/H.265 codec support up to 2160p. At least one box – model TVPP0030 – has shown up on Aliexpress for $83.79 including shipping,

Chuwi Vi8 dual-boot tablet runs Android and Windows

Chinese tablet maker Chuwi has revealed a new tablet that can dual boot Windows and Android. The company posted a video of the 8 inch tablet doing just that on Youku. First it’s shown running Windows 8.1… then the user restarts the tablet and it

egreat mini pc

Egreat’s Wintel Mini PC lineup

Chinese manufacturer Egreat brought its latest Android TV boxes, Windows mini-computers, and EZCast/Miracast media streamers and wireless display devices to the Consumer Electronics Show last week. While the most unusual device I saw was probably the Egreat i5 desktop computer that’s barely any thicker than

wetek play

WeTek Play Set-Top Box with an ATSC Tuner

WeTek Play is an Android media player that comes with a digital TV tuner. Older Amlogic AML8726-MX processor used in the box, it could still be recommended for watching live TV, with featuring like PVR, TimeShifting and EPG working reasonably well. At launch however, WeTek

pipo x7

Pipo X7 miniPC powered by Z3736F on sale for 80USD

Pipo known for their wide range of Android and Windows 8 tablets has now launched their own miniPC TV box device to align with the current market trends. The Pipo X7 is powered by Intel Baytrail Z3736F (up to 2.16 Ghz), 2GB DDR3 RAM. and