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t4000 tv box

T4000 a new Smart TV Box with SoC Mstar Quad Core

We found an interesting smart TV Box with Mstar called – T4000 having an external design (aluminum case and dual antenna wifi) and a similar hardware specifications to the other models that have been fitted to the SoC Quad Core Mstar MSO9180D1R as Kaiboer F5. A

qualcomm chromecast

Qualcomm introduces a new Chromecast

Google Chromecast has a new competitor. Qualcomm introduces new reference design for a HDMI media dongle. New HDMI Stick from Qualcomm is a 4K Streaming Adapter. The chip maker will license the design and technology of the device to manufacturers who are interested in launching

Onda V820w Dual Boot now on sale

Like mushrooms after the rain appear tablets with dual system. Onda V820w is another tablet with windows and android in one device. Onda V820w Dual Boot is a tablet with 8-inch IPS screen powered by Quad Core SoC Intel Z3735F processor. Therefore, let’s look closer to

daway winstick

Two mini PC’s from Daway with Intel Bay Trail processor

Another day, another mini PC models. Chinese manufacturer of consumer electronics Daway brand released two models of mini PC‘s – Wintel Winbox (brand model  Daway Winbox W100) mini PC box, and Winstick Dongle (brand model Daway Winstick S100). DaWay plan to release range of devices